The Cost To Work With Launch Leads

Typically we have 2 structures to choose from.

1. A partnership model of retainer + bonuses.

2. A pay-per-appointment model.

In our partnership model, the retainer cost will depend on the size of team that is needed to produce the results your team is looking for. The bonus on top of that will be mutually determined.

When considering our Pay Per Appointment model, each campaign is differentiated, there is a range on the value of each appointment we set for you. The cost criteria are based upon a number of factors including these:

1) How many leads are possible for us to contact in your target markets
2) Who the target decision maker is within each company
3) Which industries you are targeting
4) The average value of your service or product per customer

There is a modest one-time upfront implementation fee as a fixed cost component.

Once again, the goal is coming up with an ROI calculation for you that makes your cost to hire Launch Leads minuscule compared to the revenue you will earn from our efforts.

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