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Talent Acquisition / Recruiter / Social Media Ninja

It’s time to turn on your WOW.

Working at Launch Leads is challenging. Rewarding. Fun.

Here at Launch we accelerate career opportunity by employing fresh, savvy talent eager to make their mark in the business world. We do it every day with a team that is passionate to serve our clients and community. Come join our team and not only will you be playing with the hottest technology in the business, but you will work directly with our CEO-fulfilling the sales dreams of our clients and entrepreneurial aspirations of our team members.

Please contact careers@launchleads.com

Please also take the chance to rock our world with our video interviewing tool.

Opportunity. Accelerated.

Working at Launch is more than just a job. Here there are endless possibilities for career growth within the company. A start-up environment is exciting, always changing, and most importantly, building something fresh and valuable. Launch Leads is growing extremely fast, and proactive thinkers are highly valued here. Show us your strengths, your unique talents, and work hard to improve the status quo, and your efforts will be rewarded. Move into additional roles to utilize your talents, build the company, and make a difference.

-Help build a growing business

-Learn from experts in entrepreneurship

-Promotion from within

Be Heard

Have an idea? Think it would be cool to have an air hockey tournament or a Halloween BBQ? Speak up, and chances are, we’ll listen. Notice that there is something that could be done to make Launch more productive or satisfying for its clients or employees? Tell someone and watch as your idea comes to life. Launch is committed to the team and knows that without each member, nothing would improve.

-Creative Destruction (brainstorming sessions)

-Direct access to CEO and upper management

-Positive work environment

Play Hard

Hard work is highly valued and rewarded at Launch. That doesn’t mean that we’re a bunch of sticks in the mud, however. Weights and air-hockey, Mystery-Box Prizes, spontaneous celebrations and plenty of grub make for well-deserved downtime around the office.

-Daily access to weight room, air hockey, full break room and outdoor seating area

-Weekly spiffs

-Monthly team parties

-Quarterly events

Tech Central

Forget desktop computers and cubicles, out-dated computer programs and slow connections. Launch prides itself on staying up-to-date with the best in the business technology. An open floor plan (read: no cubicles), laptops, and the latest in CRM and dialer programs, makes for a truly modern and ever-evolving work environment.

-No cubicles

-Dual monitors

-Up-to-date laptops

-47” screens to track your progress

-Your own desk

-The latest software

Amie on why she would recommend Launch to her friends: “It’s a fun atmosphere… we have fun parties and activities; it’s just a good environment to be in. Every day there’s something new: prizes, awards, and spiffs that come up. It’s kind of a competitive thing- we’re all working together as a team to reach the same goal, but we’re also kind of competing a little bit to try and be a little better. So that motivation to be better is a great reason to work here.”
Nick’s favorite thing about working at Launch: “The people that I work with. I am surrounded by men and women who just are great examples to me in work ethic, in perseverance, in just being good decent human beings who you would want to develop relationships with. I can’t think of one person at Launch who does not fit in that category.”


What we’re looking for:

- You have killer communication skills

- Out of this world energy

- And a brain full of creativity


Be prepared to tell us five cool things about you in your interview

Can you bring five incredible culture ideas with you to the interview.

Can you answer “If you were to battle a superhero, who would it be and why?”

This awesome position is responsible for:

  • Identifying, recruiting, and interviewing new employees

  • Ability to answer employee questions relating to HR processes and procedures

  • Knowledge of overall HR processes and procedures

  • Ability to Manage Recruiting Sites and Applicant Tracking Systems.

  • Reviewing employee position descriptions to include job duties, supervisory structure where applicable, and functional decision making

  • Providing new hire orientation

  • Managing our Social Media presence and content

  • Training employees on policy, regulation, and compliance requirements

  • Help and assistance with office manager type responsibilities

  • Initiate and manage culture related activities throughout the organization

Successful candidates will possess the following qualities:

  • Experience in a quickly growing company

  • Experience with recruiting, identifying, and interviewing employees

  • Compensation experience to include sales incentive, commission and standard salary packages

  • Rock-star personality

The Ideal Candidate Will Have:

  • Bachelor’s degree

  • Experience with multiple applicant tracking systems

  • Minimum of Three (3) years combined experience in a Recruiting role or Human Resources Generalist position

  • Working knowledge of Google docs, Microsoft Office products, Facebook, and Linkedin

Please contact careers@launchleads.com

Please also take the chance to rock our world with our video interviewing tool.

3 Responses to Talent Acquisition & Social Media Ninja


    Rockstar Recruiter on the hunt for a new gig!

    I currently live in Austin, TX and work as a contract recruiter for Mood Media. I work in an environment that is constantly evolving and work with a group of individuals who truly love what they do. Over the past 4 months I have single-handedly been able to fill 80 requisitions from call center associates to product managers. I am a Rockstar I tell ya… just ask my boss. However, it’s time to shake things up. My bags are packed and I’m ready for a new adventure.

  2. Julie Page says:

    I am extremely interested in your open position for a Recruiter. I am currently unemployed and my history is HR-Recruiting. I am looking at different companies with fun atmospheres. It appears you work hard, and enjoy it,(and play too).

    I would love to sit and talk with you about what you are looking for and if I just might be that person.

  3. Tee Jay Prodnuk says:

    I’m intrigued…

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