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Businesses are discovering that the most valuable commodity is the attention of their clients. Lead generation and generating traffic is the #1 marketing challenge that most companies face. You need to make sure that you have cloud solutions like this enterprise fax solutions availabe at eGoldFax. This will ensure that you have all your business data stored in one place. Cutting through the digital noise that is prevalent in modern life and understanding attention economics is key to not only driving traffic, but driving quality leads that convert. This is where a lead generation company can step in and help provide your company with high value lead generation services, lead nurturing strategies, and reduce your acquisition costs.

In the meantime, consider implementing the following 10 tips to fuel growth and drive leads.

Tip #1: Fix The Leaky Bucket Lead Funnel

Many marketers focus on driving high traffic numbers to their site. 

But is it quality traffic?

More traffic doesn’t always equal better results. In fact, it can hurt your company by inflating acquisition costs and producing below-average results. A leaky bucket funnel is one that attracts a lot of attention, but doesn’t attract the right attention.

The fix? 

Optimize your forms. 

  • Place the CTA and the form ‘above the fold’ on your website
  • Have a compelling CTA and A/B test various options
  • Generate trust. Include a privacy statement or a “we won’t spam you” promise, and keep it
  • Use fewer form fields. Each additional field reduces the likelihood that a prospect will complete the form
  • Don’t discount good design. Correlate your text with the images and use a simple, clean format that is easy to navigate
  • Add trust statements

Tip #2: Offer Freebies

Strong lead magnets are free and valuable. Software and SaaS companies can offer a free tool or a limited-time, restricted-use of their product. Other companies have found that free content such as webinars, ebooks, podcasts, online courses, and case studies help drive email list growth.

In fact, a recent article in Search Engine Journal said that 91% of B2B professionals prefer webinars—so if your goal is B2B lead generation, consider investing time into developing one that will provide a compelling benefit as a trade for their time.

Tip #3: Automate Your Email Campaigns

Reduce the manual workload of managing segmented lists and targeting user behaviors by automating all of your emails, including those to your current customers. Then test various elements of your emails such as:

  • Subject line 
  • Copy length
  • Graphics
  • CTA’s

Not only will this help drive better quality leads, but it can also improve upon certain KPIs such as abandoned cart recovery, re-engagement campaigns, or client retention.

Tip #4: Invest in a Good AI Chatbot

Lead generation chatbots are rule-based bots that are designed to collect customer information using a conversational approach by offering business information, answering inquiries, or providing customer service.

These can be programmed to tailor their approach to the client who may not wish to read through a website or fill out an online form. Chatbots are shown to improve on-page conversion rates.

One caveat though. A badly designed chatbot can do more harm than good. This is why it is important to consult with a professional lead generation company that specializes in writing chatbot scripts.

Tip #5: Audio>Video>Written Content

How many of you listen to podcasts, music, or other audio throughout your workday?

Business professionals often don’t have time to sift through blog articles or watch video content. Many are multi-taskers though, and they will listen to an audio program while completing other work tasks.

Video has long been regarded as the most effective and engaging multimedia strategy. While it’s value is still enormous and should be utilized as one strategy, don’t overlook converting some of your resources into audio format. 

To create an engaging and memorable audio experience, it’s best to not simply have a voice narrating, or worse, reading a script. Use audio cues and soundtracks to liven up the experience. 

Audio-specific content marketing is a growing and important component of any digital marketing and lead generation strategy. Here are a few ways you can incorporate audio into your lead generation toolbox.

  • Branded Podcasts 
  • Audiobooks
  • Voice Search or Voice SEO
  • Audio Advertisements (Spotify, for example)
  • Alexa Skills

Tip #6: Increase Blog Frequency 

Blogging 2-4 times a week, with 11+ posts a month is the magic number for most companies looking to increase their B2B leads. Hubspot recently published a report that showed increased blog frequency led to a higher number of leads, particularly with B2C companies. There was a direct correlation between blog frequency, traffic, and conversion rates.

However, simply increasing your blogging frequency and improving your traffic isn’t enough. The quality of your content must attract the right sort of leads and each blog should contain a call to action that either drives readers to your landing pages or asks them to sign up for your email list.

Tip #7: Run a Referral Campaign

We’re aware of how powerful word-of-mouth referrals can be. Consumers trust referrals from friends and family far more than they do general advertising. What’s more important, however, is that referrals also serve as a retention strategy. Customers who have referred their friends to a company are much more likely to remain loyal.

Great referral campaigns offer a compelling incentive, such as:

  • A product giveaway, prize, or cash 
  • Company donation to a cause or charity
  • A double-down referral (when the friend refers to their network in turn)
  • Large product discounts

And the most successful referral campaigns tie into a holiday, a customer appreciation campaign, or another special reason. Once your referral campaign ends, you can continue to build upon this list with a retargeting campaign.

Tip #8: Capitalize on Partnerships, Influencers, or other Lead Swapping Relationships

Much like a referral campaign, consumers will also trust referrals from other brands or companies they use. Identify potential partners—not competitors—that have a similar audience or customer profile as yours. Then approach them with a proposal that benefits their business as well. 

You can:

  • Offer to provide a backlink to their site from yours
  • Host a landing page on your site that leads into their sales funnel
  • Do a co-branding marketing campaign with webinars, emails, or an event
  • Give influencers free products in exchange for a review

Tip #9: Use Interactive Content

Engaging content is one thing, but having your audience interact with that content can go a lot further in developing hot leads. This is a particularly effective strategy on social media. 

Interactive content ideas include:

  • Games and Apps
  • Quizzes
  • Assessments
  • Interactive videos, infographics, and ebooks
  • Polls or Surveys
  • Contests
  • Calculators or Cost Estimators

Tip #10: Hire Lead Generation Services

Expert lead generation companies, such as Launch Leads, can help you develop the right strategy for your audience. We utilize multi-channel methodologies to help you build your lead list faster and scale up quickly. 

With our data-driven approach, you’ll no longer need to gamble time and money on unproven campaigns and strategies. Better leads lead to better sales and conversion rates, and often, these services pay for themselves through the increased business and high-value leads they generate. 

Learn more about Launch Leads and our multi-channel approach.

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