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5 Questions to Ask Your Lead Generation Company

By May 30, 2019December 16th, 2021No Comments

Maintaining an ever-evolving marketing and lead generation strategy is key for businesses to survive in the current cut-throat economy. Consider the need for continuous updates, and it isn’t hard to understand why 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months, according to Bloomberg. If you want your business to find success, it’s vital that you make lead generation an integral part of your strategy.

Chances are you already understand why outsourcing lead generation is vital to business growth and are working with a team as we speak. But have you considered following-up with them recently? There is no shame in asking these crucial questions. In fact, we would argue that regular communication with your lead generation company is the best way you can ensure that you are getting the most high-quality leads possible.

If you want to find out if your lead generation company is doing the most for your business, ask these five questions.

Question #1: What businesses are you currently targeting?

Finding a lead generation company is easy but finding one that rises above their calling is much more difficult. One of the ways you can quickly sniff out if your lead generation company is doing their best is by asking them who they are targeting.

Hopefully, they are armed with a list of prospective clients that match the criteria you laid out. If they are, ask them the strategies they are using with these businesses. If they aren’t aware of which clients they are working on, it is safe to assume that they aren’t making strategic moves.

Many lead generation companies throw their hat in the ring before arming their sales team with the right information. Don’t fall for a company that doesn’t have your best interest at heart; make sure they know your business and target the clients that fit your criteria.

Question #2: How are you engaging prospective clients?

In addition to knowing which clients your lead generation company is targeting, ask how they are engaging with your prospects. If your lead generation partner knows their stuff, they will tell you the exact ways they are working on each candidate rather than giving you a blanket response.

It’s also worth noting that a lead generation company should use strategies that directly complement your sales model. Using complementary techniques will give you the well-round lead generation campaign your business needs for growth.

Question #3: What lead generation techniques are working for our business?

It’s reasonably safe to assume that your lead generation company is using a variety of sales techniques when contacting prospective clients. What you can’t expect is that all of those services are working for your business. As you communicate with your lead generation partner, narrow the focus and hone those techniques that are working.

It’s also essential that you routinely test out different strategies. As discussed earlier, business is constantly changing which means your sales strategy must keep up if you have any hope of surviving. Work with your lead generation company to try different methods so that you can optimize your business’s growth opportunities.

Question #4: What are people saying about our business?

One of the best ways you can improve your business is by asking for information that your lead generation company gathers as they go around asking prospective clients whether they would like to work with you. Your lead generation partner is an internal source of valuable information. Regularly asking them will give you valuable insights that may prompt you to change your business practices, structures, and, even, your current sales techniques.

Question #5: Do you have any recommendations?

No matter which lead generation company you are working with, they understand sales in a way that you may not. Asking the experts what recommendations they have is the best way you can create a transformative partnership. Working with our lead generation company will prove it’s worth from the moment you sign on. Our team works hands-on to develop strategies that make your business stand-out.

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