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Is cold calling dead? It’s a question that’s being asked all across the sales industry. But the reality is that cold calling isn’t dead, but it’s being transformed into better, alternative solutions. In the past, cold calling was the best sales strategies available for salespeople to use. Now, cold calling can be effective when used correctly. So, how does a sales team develop an effective cold calling strategy? Let’s discuss.


–           Hyper-Targeted Lists

With over 200 million people on the national “Do Not Call List” and new technology targeted at blocking unknown callers, hyper-targeted lead lists are more important than ever. Through hyper-targeted lists, your sales team can find unparalleled marketing opportunities.


–           Lead Requirements

Gain only interested leads by using strict lead qualification requirements. Determine these requirements by consulting with your team, identifying your target clients, and then cold calling only those who are qualified.


–           Lead Nurturing

Many cold calling sales teams only give the sale one interaction. Lead nurturing gives your business a chance to foster the relationship over a period of time. It’ll also help you stay at the top of your prospective customer’s mind with a multi-channel approach.


–           Dead Lead Revival

Maximize business in places you thought were a lost cause. Develop a strategy that takes the leads you’ve given up on, revive your prospect’s interest, and gets them back into your sales funnel.


–           Qualified Appointment Setting

Don’t waste your time on uninterested prospects, spend time on interested decision-makers that match your target criteria.


Along with developing an effective cold-calling strategy, there are lead generation services with cold calling sales strategies that are proven. From proven cold calling sales strategies that accelerate your business to lead generation services that increase your prospects, partnering with a lead generation service like Launch Leads we’ll help develop your business. Let us start your relationships off on the right foot. Contact Launch Leads today to learn more about how outsourced sales services are the better choice.


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