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Are You Really There? Three Ways to Make Your Business Tangible

Written by: Nancy Sutton, Client Services Manager

Depending on your type of business, prospects may not see or experience results until after they’ve paid – making the promised results invisible – and the prospect uneasy about committing. Business tangibility helps take the “scary” out of initial commitments and increases the likelihood of prospecting success. The greater the financial commitment you’re asking people to make – the more tangible your business needs to be perceived – so prospects will feel comfortable making that initial investment.


Here are three ways to increase your business tangibility:

1. Visible Presence
2. Exhibited Expertise
3. Recommendations from Satisfied Customers

As you build your business: the more tangibility you can create – and then add to – the faster your success will increase.


Today, your website is likely the first location prospects go to get initial evidence of your tangibility, expertise and credibility. Even if you have a brick-and-mortar location, and regardless of where your clients are located, you want to make sure your website exudes the solid presence you want your prospects to perceive. You can even put pictures of your brick-and-mortar location, and you and your employees “at work,”  to make your business even more real to prospects and reassuring to current clients.

If you have a physical business location where people can visit, it creates a tangible framework around your service or product. It is solid evidence you are in business. It is a place prospects and clients can go to “see” what you do and how you do it. I’ve met a number of insurance agents who work out of their homes, but have a group office where they meet with clients. This physical office creates tangibility, which increases credibility.


Physical Y-O-U
You are a physical manifestation of your business. In essence, when you sell your product or service, people are buying Y-O-U. Business networking is a way to get your physical presence exposed to other business owners and individuals. This may include making presentations and speeches to interested groups, which focuses all eyes on you and, thereby, your business and perception of expertise.

Virtual Y-O-U
Other platforms to exhibit expertise can be found on-line through blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media. There you can establish a business presence; manifest your expertise; show off your personality; and build relationships that generate leads.


When prospects are thinking of spending money with your business, it’s reassuring to see that others have gone before, and have been satisfied and achieved – or exceeded – the promised results.

Testimonials from satisfied clients, posted on a website, incorporated in direct mail – or any number of marketing materials – are reassuring to prospective clients. They are a witness to the quality of your product or service, and the satisfaction the prospective client might have if they go with you.

B-to-B recommendations are an awesome way to increase business prospects. Some small business owners may feel a little trepidation in asking current clients for their recommendation. However, in my experience, satisfied B-to-B customers understand the give and take of business and are happy to make recommendations or introductions. The best time to do this is when your current client is praising the results you’ve just achieved for them.


So, how tangible is your business? How confidently can prospects initially commit to you and your product or service?

Take the tangibility challenge! Use what you already have to build your visible presence, exhibited expertise, and satisfied customers. Then initiate a plan to keep building onto your tangibility. Before you know it, you will become more and more tangible – a very solid, visible presence – and increase your new-business success.


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