Make data-driven decisions backed by proven research and proprietary technology B2B lead generation services from Launch Leads. Well-known B2B brands benefit from outsourcing their lead generation campaigns to specialized staff with outstanding outreach efforts. As a reliable addition to your sales strategy, B2B lead generation allows companies to invest in strategies that help you scale faster and more consistently. Invest in your sales strategy by partnering with Launch Leads, a trusted lead generation provider since 2009.

Launch Leads’ customizable B2B lead generation process creates a repeatable sales formula that will consistently increase ROI for your company during every quarter of the year. Our finely-tuned processes deliver qualified sales opportunities to your closers so that they can stay laser-focused on interested prospects. Working hand-in-hand with our B2B sales leads experts, you will find new growth opportunities that meet the growing demands of your industry. If you are looking for a revolutionary B2B sales lead strategy that correlates to full pipelines, look no further than Launch Leads.



While you focus on your business, we will help improve your focus by giving you the ability to reach your sales goals. Our B2B lead generation approach focuses on generating quality leads that convert at a higher rate by using data to identify your ideal customer. Businesses will allocate a massive portion of their budget on closing sales efforts without understanding how crucial lead generation is to a successful B2B sales strategy. Don’t drain resources by foregoing effectiveB2B lead generation strategies. Instead, implement lead generation services that formulate prosperous B2B partnerships with Launch Leads’ experienced specialists.

With our multi-channel lead generation approach, our B2B lead generation experts will accelerate your business. Our team expands upon your current sales campaign to  find qualified clients who meet your defined criteria. We work closely with your in-house sales team to develop custom sales strategies using our proven solutions that includeB2B business lead generation, demand generation, and appointment setting. Rely on our lead generation specialists to give your company Opportunity. Accelerated.



If you want to find success within the B2B industry, you must establish yourself as a competitor in your industry. How can you do that if you aren’t reaching out to your clients? Launch Leads multi-faceted approach increases your ability to meet with top playmakers interested in your product or service. Our custom sales campaigns involve top-tier sales structures that maximize your company’s potential. These B2B lead generation solutions incorporate proven methodologies that not only increase your sales but get you in front of your ideal clients so you can develop lasting relationships.

Instead of focusing on a single service, Launch Leads unleashes a series of lead generation solutions that will improve your B2B sales strategy. Our tested approach centers on the premise that reliability, transparency, and communication are the cornerstones of successful partnerships. As you partner with our team and create custom B2B sales leads campaigns, you can trust that your company is receiving the exposure needed to close sales with leading prospects. Working together, our team, our proprietary technology, and our processes will push your business towards the top of the leaderboard.

Our B2B lead generation services include:

  • Lead Qualification
  • Appointment Setting
  • Rapid Inbound Lead Response
  • Hyper-Targeted Lead Lists
  • Dead Lead Revival
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Trade Show Lead Generation


Eligible buyers are not a dime a dozen, no matter your industry. It takes innovative lead generation solutions to close sales with interested decision-makers. Along with dozens of phone calls, multiple conversations, and emails, you need reliable processes that answer your prospective customers’ needs at the start. Launch Leads employs reliable lead generation processes that prioritize your potential customers using one-on-one lead nurturing techniques.

Our B2B lead generation company also updates these solutions to maximize performance at the highest efficiency level. While outdated B2B appointment setting services takes an average of 44 hours to respond to interested leads, Launch Leads connects with inbound leads within 5 minutes—which increases your windows of opportunities. Along with rapid response techniques, our specialists constantly uncover new strategies to engage your leads when their interest, focus, and availability are at their peak.  

Find a reliable B2B lead generation partner with Launch Leads. Together, we will set appointments with qualified leads so you can catch the right leads at the right times.



B2B lead generation services drive your business forward by streamlining the sales leads process. By working with Launch Leads, you will have a team of professionals putting in the leg work needed to get the right prospects interested in your business.

Trust Launch Leads to perfect your company’s B2B lead generation campaigns. With finely tuned processes, we will consistently deliver qualified sales opportunities to your closers so that they can stay laser-focused on interested prospects. You’ll meet with qualified buyers through our proven appointment-setting methods. Our mission is to provide partners with high-performing and dependable services through transparency and one-on-one communication. We work relentlessly to exceed expectations using our custom B2B appointment setting services.

Our multi-channel methodology ensures that your team consistently has a  full sales pipeline so you can maximize your resources. We combine our lead generation services with lead follow-up techniques to ensure that you receive fully qualified appointments with valuable decision-makers in your industry. Once we hand over the meeting to your sales team, we will continue our services by providing valuable, measurable insights to perfect your lead generation campaigns.

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What is B2B Lead Generation?

B2B lead generation is a thought-out process of identifying ideal customers, collecting contact information, and attracting potential customers to buy your product or service. Any technique that grows interest in your company’s product or service could be considered B2B lead generation, although there are many options available in the B2B sales market.

Selling to B2B industries requires multiple avenues for attracting prospective leads and transforming them into long-term consumers. Some proven formulas include online advertising, cold emails, cold calling, SEO, PPC, paid search, social media, and digital marketing. However, these lead generation channels are only a few examples of the hundreds of techniques businesses will use to attract potential customers.

No matter which B2B sales campaign techniques companies will employ, each helps fill the sales pipeline by targeting the ideal businesses they want to work with within their service industry. Although B2B lead generation seems straightforward, multiple factors can impact whether a lead generation campaign will provide the momentum companies need to bypass the competition.

How Do You Find B2B Sales Leads?

DIY lead generation is one sales area that companies try to handle on their own before realizing it places a massive drain on their team. While in-house lead generation and appointment setting is always an option, it is probably the wrong decision for a company looking to succeed financially.

The cost of DIY lead generation vs. outsourcing companies proves that B2B lead generation is best left to the experts. Not only will employee salaries and the cost of the necessary tools outweigh their worth, but it can drain your sales teams’ time and energy, as well.

Companies with mature lead generation and management practices have a 9.3% higher sales quota achievement rate. Outsourcing your B2B lead generation efforts to the right provider will ensure that your business has higher success ratings like these. Why not save yourself the time, cost, and headache of B2B lead generation and employ the services of a company that specializes in the art of attracting B2B sales leads? Launch Leads will fill your pipeline with B2B sales leads at a price that pays for itself over time.  

Our customized lead generation campaigns maximize your sales efforts by uncovering opportunities using a multi-channel approach. Outsourcing your sales efforts is the solution you need when your businesses can’t spare their workforce or focus. Let our B2B lead generation company agency find prospective clients that match your criteria so that you can focus on what you do best—your business.

Does B2B Lead Generation Work?

Without leads, you have no customers. With no customers, you will have no revenue and, eventually, no business. B2B lead generation offers the techniques and strategies you need to generate growth every quarter. Implementing proven B2B lead generation strategies will ensure that you receive the interest in your product or service that you deserve. As our B2B lead generation company fills your appointment list with interested-decisionmakers, your business will already have a pipeline full of clients ready to purchase your services. 

Working with lead generation service is the best way to increase sales. An added benefit of partnering with experts is efficiency and profit. You will have time to focus on clients who generate the most revenue, implement relationship-building activities, and upsell your latest products, which will also indirectly improve your profits.

You can count on a B2B lead generation company to help you consistently outperform your competitors, thanks to years of experience creating winning strategies for our clients. Working with us, you can apply methodical and hyper-targeted solutions that keep performance high and your business growing.

Some of our B2B lead generation solutions include:

– Appointment-Setting Services

B2B appointment setting service involves contacting prospective leads through multiple channels, like phone, email, social, and web. Our finely-tuned processes consistently deliver qualified sales opportunities to closers, so they won’t have to waste their valuable time, energy, and resources. Once we set an appointment, we will transition the lead to your sales team. But our work doesn’t stop there. After the appointment, we will meet with you to measure the ROI, and determine the lead’s quality, perfecting our process.

– Content Marketing

One of the best ways to establish yourself as a leader in your market is by creating assets for your customers that they can download directly from your website. Different options used by Launch Leads include white papers, how-to guides, case studies, checklists, spreadsheets, videos, and worksheets. Launch will then send targeted content through proven nurture campaigns to ensure leads have your company at the top of their minds.

– Fast Lead Response Times

Launch Leads’ B2B lead gen agency ensures that your qualified prospects receive immediate attention with rapid responses and lead follow-ups. This gives your company a better chance of converting leads into long-term clients.

– Trade Show Lead Generation

Launch Lead’s trade show marketing solutions provide you with increased opportunities to show your product’s effectiveness. A successful trade show strategy includes adequate preparation and consistent follow-up. These lead generation efforts will allow your company to maximize its efforts before, during, and after the event.

– Dead Lead Revival

Launch Leads focuses on retargeting leads through a Dead Leads Revival service. Rather than accepting rejection, Launch Leads focuses on re-engaging your exhausted prospects instead. Our team will use multi-channel touchpoints to place dead leads back where they belong—your sales funnel.

Are Lead Generation Companies Worth it?

Uncovering new sales opportunities using B2B lead generation can transform how your company handles sales. While many companies overextend themselves trying to run a DIY lead generation campaign, you can yield more success by outsourcing your efforts.

B2B services maximize your sales strategy’s power by outsourcing your efforts into the experienced hands of lead specialists.

Since most prospective leads aren’t ready to roll the dice when you first make contact, the time it takes to generate interest can drain your business’s resources. There is an art to B2B sales leads that involves nurturing your leads until they are ready to buy. Outsourcing your B2B lead generation gives your prospects the time and attention they need to know your product. Over time, they will begin to see why your product is worthwhile.

Handing your B2B lead generation over to a lead generation company will give your sales campaigns the time and attention they need to reach their potential. Whether you run a small company or part of a large enterprise, lead generation is one of the top strategies to grow your business. 

Launch Leads is the partner you need to an improved B2B lead generation strategy. You can count on our experts to consistently outperform your competitors, thanks to years of experience creating winning strategies for our clients. Trust Launch Leads to customize a B2B sales strategy that uses the latest research to back up a targeted approach that fits your business model.

How Do I Hire A Lead Generation Service To Build My Hyper-Targeted Email List?

Some of the main questions you should ask a lead generation company before hiring them to build your list revolve around their methodologies. You should find a company that employs multiple methodologies to attract and qualify your leads.

Inbound marketing techniques that help you build your list are critical. You don’t want to hire a lead generation service that uses old data or that will cause you to violate CAN-SPAM laws.

Here are a few features you should find in a quality, professional lead generation service:

  • Positive reputation and reviews
  • Technological resources
  • Experienced staff
  • Established process
  • Contact lists within various industries
  • Transparency with data reporting and billing practices

Once you’ve vetted out the company you wish to hire, contact a sales representative to consult with them on their practices. You will need a cost estimate, a general idea of your target audience, information about your product or service, data on where you’ve had successful sales, and tactics that have not worked well for you.

Together, you will establish the scope and strategy of your campaign. Once your hyper-targeted lead list is built, it should belong with you indefinitely. However, you should not expect to use that lead list for longer than six months due to data decay. It’s best to continue your relationship with the lead generation service so they can use their proprietary technologies to cleanse and update your lists regularly.


Are you ready to maximize the growth of your business? Consider Launch Leads. Using proprietary technologies, strategies, and processes, our lead generation company will accelerate your business goals and profits.

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