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Companies who accomplish a strong proficiency between marketing and sales accelerate in growth to those who don’t.  True story.  I will share with you my experiences, thoughts, and what has help me on becoming a valuable business development representative.

I love to cold call people and interrupt their day to obtain information from them.  Interrupting their meetings and becoming a pest is my favorite thing, said no one ever.  It sucks to call someone and interrupt their day.  However, cold calling is necessary in sales and business. I personally take many steps in becoming an effective Inside Sales representative.  My name is Apryl Poulsen.  I work for Launch Leads in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Launch Leads was started by Brandt “Bubba” Page 5 years ago in his livingroom. The Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum has named Launch Leads among the fastest growing businesses in its annual “Top 25 Under 5 Awards”. Bubba has received a number of awards for his business over the past 5 years.  I am proud to be a part of this growing company. I have learned three key things that continue to help me be successful:

1. Know Everything About the Company and Product: This will enable a good understanding of how everything works from the ground up, and will create proficiency in your work. The more information you know, the better. It’s up to you to make it a pleasurable experience by capturing their interest.  In my experience, being confident of my knowledge, and knowing everything about the company and product accelerates my success.

2. Establish a Relationship with Prospects and Clients: Establishing a relationship with someone over the phone you have never spoken to is as scary as trying to give a cat a pill.  So start by asking a ton of questions.  People love talking about themselves and the companies they work for.  Remember that. Make them feel important by showing interest and exuding confidence in why the call is important.  Tone of voice tells all. Be normal, be yourself, remain calm and confident.  If you’re comfortable, they will be too.  Be excited to speak with them.  No one wants a blah person to speak with.

3. Have a Positive Attitude: You may ask, how anyone can be excited to come to work and be on the phone.  Lets face it.  The best way to contact people is by phone. Having a good solid positive attitude does wonders, especially in sales.  Make a commitment to have a positive attitude.  Your day depends on your attitude.  Bad attitude results in a bad day.  A positive attitude will ensure you’re a winner in the end. When your positive, people are attracted to you like moths to a bright light. Stay positive every day.

Above all, be pleasantly persistent. Don’t be a nuisance. If you want to be a successful inside sales representative be honest, open, straight forward, helpful, respectful, and create an opportunity. Be consistent and organized.  Consistency is efficiency.   Thank you for listening.  Now go out there and make a difference.

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