Employee Testimonials

Employee Testimonials

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Mark van Wagoner

What interested you most about working at Launch Leads?

My favorite thing about working at Laungh has got to be, number one, the people I work with. I have never worked with a more outstanding group of people. Who have integrity and honesty and who are also transparent… Which is another thing I love about Launch, the transparency of the leadership, Brandt and Andrew. They let us know everything that’s going on so we’re never in the dark about where we stand, where the company stands, or what exactly we need to do.

What have you learned from working at Launch?

What I’ve learned Is that I do have the confidence and the ability to reach out and talk to people that I don’t know! And develop relationships with people that I’ve never met before. I have been able to overcome any trepidation or fear about just striking up conversations and developing relationships with people who I’ve never met before. It is a confidence booster.

Connecting a business need with a solution:

It is so exciting when you are working on a campaign and it has a product that a company needs. Then to find the right person- the decision maker- and work your way through the gatekeeper and make the right connections with the gatekeeper, and all of the sudden– you can almost hear it over the phone– the light bulb go off and they say “Oh! This is something that I really need. I would love to learn more about the service or product you’re talking about.” It’s creating opportunities for the company, it’s creating jobs, it’s business at its very basic level. It’s helping not only our economy but our country.

What is your favorite thing about working at Launch Leads?

The people that I work with. I am surrounded by men and women who just are great examples to me in work ethic, in perseverance, in just being good decent human beings who you would want to develop relationships with. I can’t think of one person at Launch who does not fit in that category.

Nick Rowe

What interested you most about working at Launch?

I wanted to be in a sales-type atmosphere where there’s competition and people are really going after their goals. And I thought Launch was an opportunity to do that- to use some of my abilities and talents and skills.

What have you learned from working at Launch?

There’s a lot of skill sets that have been improved upon as I’ve worked here. Some things I hadn’t thought of… as well as we’re working really close amongst each other and you’re able to see different things that your coworkers do to see success. That’s been beneficial for me to be able to say, that’s something I didn’t think about, but it’s something I could implement.

Why would you recommend Launch to your friends?

It’s a fun atmosphere, it’s lax, at the same time even though you are required to meet certain criteria and goals. But the thing I like is that it’s all up to the amount of effort you want to put into it. And it’s entirely up to you. So that’s the one of the things I like about it is that you don’t feel like there is someone breathing down your neck the entire time. You are expected to work hard, but you’re not micromanaged.

Connecting a business need with a solution:

It’s a great feeling when you see others who have needs and you have solutions to those needs. I think that’s the whole goal in business: people have problems, and when you’re able to find a solution, that’s when people are able to connect and a relationships are developed.

Favorite thing about working at Launch::

I’d say the people. Everybody’s just really chill and cool which makes it fun for me and enjoyable to come to work. If I want to take a little break and go talk with somebody, it’s not a big deal. That makes it very comfortable.

Jared Downey

What Interested you most about working at Launch?

I did a marketing project for my college class, and I had to study Launch in depth. I got to know a few people here, and it was an atmosphere I really wanted to be in. There were a lot of things I saw that I could learn, and there were a lot of good people. So I decided to sign on.

How has it changed or improved you as a person?

The thing I like most about Launch is that during our training meetings we’re not talking about numbers or anything like that… we’re talking about personal improvement and things we can improve in ourselves instead of “Are we hitting our numbers?”. It’s more like, if we improve ourselves, we will improve the company. So I like that we focus on that.

Why would you recommend Launch to your friends?

It’s a good atmosphere- good people. Good mix of people who are working together. It’s fun, every day is new and interesting.

Connecting a business need with a solution:

It’s exciting when you set an appointment for a company. When you get to talk to somebody who’s really excited about what you’re offering, they see value in it- that’s really rewarding.

Favorite thing about working at Launch Leads:

I think the learning process is really interesting. I think lead generation is very important for any business starting out.  There are a lot of little things you can learn from this company…like if you want to start your own business… just simple ways to market your own company, or ways you can see the value in having another company do the marketing for you. It’s really interesting to me.

Jared Buckner

What interested you most about working at Launch?

The opportunity to be with a new and growing company, and have the chance to grow with it.

How has working at Launch changed or improved you as a person?

Having to deal with many different types of people across the board, professionals from different walks of life…I’ve learned to accommodate the different groups and find what their needs are- recognize those needs- and be able to present what we have to offer in a way that they can understand. It will help them in their businesses to be more successful.

Why would you recommend Launch to your friends?

If you want to be in a group of people and have the opportunity to explore your talents and gifts and be successful, Launch is the place to do that.

Connecting a business need to a solution:

Very few things are as satisfying as talking to someone and recognizing a need, and realizing that you have the resources to provide them with the solution they’re looking for. Here at Launch, we believe we have the solution. Whether you’re the prospect and we are calling and providing the opportunity, or if you’re the client who wants something extra that will help you to be successful, Launch is it.

Favorite thing about working at Launch:

Working with good people. We have a great team here, professionals, wonderful people with a lot of heart- and they’re all here with the same goal in mind: to help people.


Amie Hansen:

What interested you most about working at Launch Leads?

I had just graduated from college and I was looking for something where I could have fun, have a good environment to work in, and not get too serious quite yet in my actual career. I wanted to get my feet underneath me and figure out what I want to do. I came across the posting for Launch Leads and figured, I’m on the phone all day everyday anyway, so why not do that for my job? And see where that takes me. So being on the phone and calling people is a strength I have, so I thought hey why not capitalize on that?

How has working at Launch Leads changed or improved you as a person?

Working at Launch has improved me as a person because it has pushed me to new limits. It has pushed me past my boundaries, and expanded me. Being here at Launch I’ve kind of had to step out of my comfort zone to be able to call top level CEO’s and executives and actually speak to them- these people who have started these big businesses- and see if I can schedule an appointment with them. That’s kind of a big deal! It was a little scary for me. But now I’m able to do it and I have confidence in doing it. So these little things we do at Launch have helped me to go beyond what I thought I could do.

Why would you refer friends to Launch Leads?

I’d tell them that it’s a great environment- we have a lot of fun. It’s not just come into work, sit at your desk, do your calling, blah blah. No, we have fun, we throw the ball around, catch each other off guard. We have fun parties and activities; it’s just a good environment to be in, it’s not a boring mundane thing. Everyday there’s something new. New prizes, awards, and spiffs that come up. It’s kind of a competitive thing- we’re all working together as a team to reach the same goal, but we’re also kind of competing a little bit to try and be a little better. So that motivation to be better is a great reason to work here.

What have you learned at Launch Leads?

At Launch I’ve learned to have crucial conversations in difficult situations. These people you call, these top level executives- they’re busy, they have schedules, they’ve got deadlines- and to be able to keep my cool, be myself and just have a laid back conversation with them and try to add value to what they’re doing everyday in their business- has been a very useful thing to learn.

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