Life at Launch

Life at Launch

Learning Comes Standard

At Launch Leads, we don’t just want your butt in a chair. We want your mind in action. From the moment you walk through the door you are presented with a hands on, 3 week training process from experts in the various arenas in which you’ll be working. Throughout your tenure at Launch, twice weekly trainings, anytime-access to managers and mentors, and a supportive team environment all come standard.

-Twice weekly trainings
-Weekly team recognition meetings
-One-on-one access to supervisors and trainers

Play Hard

Hard work is highly valued and rewarded at Launch. That doesn’t mean that we’re a bunch of sticks in the mud, however. Weights and air-hockey, Mystery-Box Prizes, spontaneous celebrations and plenty of grub make for well-deserved downtime around the office.

-Daily access to weight room, air hockey, full break room and outdoor seating area
-Weekly spiffs
-Monthly team parties
-Quarterly events

Tech Central

Forget desktop computers and cubicles, out-dated computer programs and slow connections. Launch prides itself on staying up-to-date with the best in the business technology. An open floor plan (read: no cubicles), laptops, and the latest in CRM and dialer programs, makes for a truly modern and ever-evolving work environment.

-No cubicles
-Dual monitors
-Up-to-date laptops
-47” screens to track your progress
-Your own desk
-The latest software

Be Heard

Have an idea? Think it would be cool to have an air hockey tournament or a Halloween BBQ? Speak up, and chances are, we’ll listen. Notice that there is something that could be done to make Launch more productive or satisfying for its clients or employees? Tell someone and watch as your idea comes to life. Launch is committed to the team and knows that without each member, nothing would improve.

-Creative Destruction (brainstorming sessions)
-Direct access to CEO and upper management
-Positive work environment

Opportunity. Accelerated.

Working at Launch is more than just a job. Here there are endless possibilities for career growth within the company. A start-up environment is exciting, always changing, and most importantly, building something fresh and valuable. Launch Leads is growing extremely fast, and proactive thinkers are highly valued here. Show us your strengths, your unique talents, and work hard to improve the status quo, and your efforts will be rewarded. Move into additional roles to utilize your talents, build the company, and make a difference.

-Help build a growing business
-Learn from experts in entrepreneurship
-Promotion from within
-Full time opportunity available

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