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The global economy is more competitive than ever. With hundreds of businesses starting every day and big businesses looming overhead, sound sales & demand generation strategies are the key to your business succeeding. On top of that, prospects have less time to talk yet important decision makers are receiving more calls than ever. While there are many different strategies out there to make your sale stand out, question-based selling remains at the top of our list.


Using question-based selling has a number of advantages. Some of them include fostering a trusting relationship, motivating the client to buy, and closing the sale based on the client’s desire to close. Here are our top tips for closing the sale with question-based selling.


Listen to the Customer

Every salesperson should drive the conversation forward by listening to the prospective customer. Have you ever encounter a salesperson that completely disregarded what you were saying? Those experiences push people away rather than foster lasting customer relationships. When you listen to the customer you show them you care more about them than the sale and that’ll help your bottom line more than pushing the sale forward ever will.


Ask the Right Question

One of the biggest challenges facing salespeople is the ability to ask the right questions. By listening to the customer first, you can match your questions to the potential customer. When using question-based selling, it’s important to keep them engaged. A good salesperson will ask engaging questions that help the prospect think and stay engaged. The aims of your question strategy should encourage your potential customer to:

”          Think about what they want

”          Consider the benefits of using your product/ service

”          The value of your product/ service


Fit Customer Goals into Your Solution

Listening to your prospects and asking the right questions will help you determine their goals. This is the key to any good sale. Find out what drives them and match your product to that goal. Question-based selling will foster the conversation and steer it towards the solution you need to provide.


Say It Like You Mean It

While it’s important to ask the right questions, it’s even more important to ask them the right way. It turns out that in addition to what you ask, how you ask it can make or break the sale. Unfortunately, it’s up to each individual salesperson to determine how to say the right questions. One way that can help determine if you’re asking questions in the right way is by identifying various triggers that show whether they’re engaged or not.


Determine the Decision

Ultimately, it’s up to you to determine if the sale is right. After you’ve listened to the customer, asked the right questions, fit your solutions to their needs, and said it like you mean it, you can see whether your product/ service is right for them. The best salespeople will end the sale if it isn’t right. Ending a sale can help potential customers trust your business and drive them into buying later when it’s right for them.


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