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For years cold calling has fallen to the wayside of sales & lead generation. Labeled as “old” and “outdated,” it’s not cold calling that’s failed us, it’s our inability to strategically maneuver our strategies to keep up with the times. A few years ago, Coca-Cola Co. ditched their voicemail system after marketing strategists argued that voicemail was an unnecessary part of the sales process. In fact, 92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone. So, what are we missing in our current voicemail strategies and how can we do it better. Let’s dive a little deeper.


If you’re wondering whether you should leave a voicemail or not, then you’re not thinking with the right perspective. When it comes to cold calling your mindset should revolve around the Wayne Gretzky quote, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Rather than debate whether leaving a voicemail is an effective part of cold-calling, decide to improve your voicemail game so that the voicemails you are leaving are consistently hitting the right notes. Ready to up your sales game? Here are some cold-calling voicemail tips that’ll update your sales strategy, help remove some of the agony of cold calling, and improve your overall sales quota.


  1. Prepare Your Pitch

Too many salespeople come into a call without preparing beforehand. Rather than just winging it, prepare a voicemail pitch. Preparation will always make you feel more comfortable and give you something to fall back on when you’re coming up blank. If unprepared you’re more than likely to leave a rambling message that is easily deleted by the prospective customer.


  1. Provide Value

Always, always, always deliver a clear value in your voicemails. No matter what you’re selling there is some sort of value to the product. This should be completely clear in the messages you’re leaving prospective customers. If your unable to articulate a clear value than you’ll leave the prospect without a reason to call back. Vague voicemails are the mass murderer of all cold calling interactions.


  1. Have Talking Points

Much like your initial pitch preparation, there should be a few talking points that you’ll want to hit in your voicemail script. If you’re left to your own devices you’ll end up filling the message with filler words (“like,” “um,” etc.). Many salespeople are hesitant to rehearse their talking points, however, keep your script open for variety. You want to hit your key objectives but make sure that it comes off as natural as possible.


  1. Stay Energized

Nothing is worse than a sales rep leaving a monotone message that rubs the customer the wrong way. If you’re going into the call with a bad attitude and completely unenthusiastic, it’s better you didn’t make the call in the first place. Keeping the conversation light and energized. People are drawn to positive energy. Let the customer feel that energy throughout the voicemail and they’ll naturally gravitate towards calling back.


  1. Keep it Short

Your customer’s time is just as valuable as yours. Keep the voicemail short and to the point, so it doesn’t get too complicated for your prospective customers to understand. Obviously, your entire sales pitch can’t be stuffed into a 30-second voicemail. Mention what’s most important and providing value and you’ll leave the customer wanting more.


  1. Give them a Reason to Call Back

The main point of leaving a voicemail is getting a callback. This should be your goal throughout the entire message. This should include a “what’s in it for them” point mixed with your personality. Find the right mix and you’ll entice your prospective customers to call back.


  1. Mention Your Contact Information Twice

Once you’ve given them a reason to call back, you should give your contact information. Once you’ve done that, give it again. Make it as easy as possible for them to get your contact information. Go too fast and you risk losing the customer. Say the information twice and you’ll up your chances at getting a callback.


  1. Be Persistent!

Don’t give up after one phone call. Leaving one message won’t cut it. Prospective customers are busy, but that doesn’t mean they’re uninterested. A second or third call will show that you’re interested in their business without coming off overbearing, use services from companies like Salesforce, to help you optimize your customer service.


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