The Cost To Work With Launch Leads

What do you need? We have in-bound and out-bound services. Both are set up on our Performance Driven Model, we know if we do not perform, we will not keep your business. We are ready to customize our offering to get your company to hit its sales goals.

Typically we have 2 structures to choose from.

1. We work in more of a partnership model, where it is monthly retainer per dedicated business development rep. In this scenario, we can fulfill many aspects of the sales and marketing for your team rather than just outbound prospecting. Whether it is an event follow up or registration, or cleaning out an old database and updating the contact info, we will assist in any way possible to ensure your sales success.

2. We can work with our clients in a monthly retainer plus a pay per appointment bonus, where the per appointment bonus is determined by the difficulty of scheduling the appointment and what target demographic you are going after.

We have our inbound campaigns where we respond within five to ten minutes to inbound web based leads that come off of your website.  And our outbound campaign where we cold call and do all the prospecting that wastes your sales and marketing teams’ time. Both produce high conversion rates and unparalleled ROI. We understand that if we can’t perform, we won’t keep your business.

There is a modest one-time upfront implementation fee as a fixed cost component.

Once again, the goal is coming up with an ROI calculation for you that makes your cost to hire Launch Leads minuscule compared to the revenue you will earn from our efforts.

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