Lead Qualification

Lead Qualification Services

Outbound B2B Prospecting & Inbound Lead Qualification

Launch eliminates your need to qualify each lead. No one likes to talk to an unqualified lead. You waste time, money, and it can kill morale.

Launch’s expert team produces qualified sales leads for your team. We will go through specific qualification questions to ensure the quality in each lead you receive from Launch. Even better, Launch will schedule a sales appointment on your behalf with ONLY the qualified leads that meet your pre-determined qualification criteria.

There are two different models that work perfectly with our lead qualification:

1. Inbound Web Based Leads - With superior technology, Launch responds within 5 minutes to each web generated lead that is submitted to your website. We call the number they submitted, ask the qualification questions, and as long as they meet the criteria, Launch will either schedule a sales opportunity for your team or send a live transfer.

2. Outbound B2B Prospecting - Launch calls the targeted lead list with the goal to talk to the decision maker. As we work through the gatekeeper, we are then able to get the decision maker interested in your product or service. After the initial interest is made, Launch asks the pre-determined qualification questions and ONLY schedules a sales opportunity with qualified decision makers.

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