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Successful businesses leverage B2B sales generation to expand their customer base and grow their company. Lead generation is a service that brings a steady stream of new customers by setting sales appointments with interested prospects. Whether starting a new company or searching for ways to grow, many business owners struggle to win over their ideal customers. Discover the secret to the sauce of success with B2B lead generation. 

If you are in the sales industry, then you are likely not a stranger to sales leads. A B2B lead is another business that has an interest in the products or services you sell. Your goal as a business is to find and close leads so that your business can continue growing. 

If you are ready to grow your business, you will need B2B lead generation services. These outsourced efforts simplify the traditional sales process using targeted marketing strategies that fit your ideal clientele. B2B lead generation tackles tedious outbound sales tactics, capitalizing on processes that drive your sales campaigns forward. 

Whether you are releasing a new product, starting a new business, or finding new ways to increase sales, B2B lead generation is the solution you need to meet your sales goals. However, developing a lead generation strategy is easier said than done. 

If your sales team is starting to evaluate outside lead generation services, you most likely have some questions. The lead gen experts at Launch Leads compiled answers to a list of questions most frequently asked by our customers. 

Let’s start by defining lead generation and then detail the different types of B2B lead generation services offered along with their cost. 

Here is what you need to know.  

What is Lead Generation as a Service?

Generating leads in the B2B sales industry involves attracting prospective customers and converting them into buyers. The process includes:

  • Developing relationships with other businesses who show interest in your product or services through cold calling prospects
  • Nurturing these relationships
  • Keeping up with your social media
  • Uploading digital advertisements
  • Creating content
  • Attending live events
  • Developing a great website

Other businesses in your market are fighting you for prospects every day. As competition increases, the need for you to gain market share becomes even more important. To get your name on the leaderboard, you have to generate leads using proven sales tactics. 

All in all, you need to focus on different B2B lead generation strategies to increase your sales opportunities that will allow your business to grow. While every business might want these opportunities, in theory, not everyone realizes that lead generation as a service is the technique they need to make it happen. 

B2B lead generation as a service is the delivery of lead generation services through an outsourced provider specializing in various sales processes proven to generate leads. B2B lead generation as a service saves businesses time, cost, and effort by streamlining sales into an efficiently-run process.

 An outsourced lead generation campaign involves a team of experts prospecting and identifying qualified leads. Once a connection has been established with those leads, they will nurture them, hoping to schedule appointments on your behalf. After setting a B2B appointment, lead gen partners will hand the lead off to your sales experts when interest is at its peak. 

 This modern sales process is extremely advantageous because it allows your team to focus on interesting prospects rather than wasting time on dead leads that won’t benefit your business in the long-run. Your team will also have the time to develop detailed sales pitches as the outsourced sales team handles the leg work.


What are the Types of Lead Generation?

Lead generation is an essential part of any sales campaign. If you aren’t going out of your way to gather interest in your product, then your sales will stop as soon as the initial boom dies down. It is as vital as the air you breathe. Without leads, you have no customers, and with no customers, you have no revenue and, eventually, no business. Lead generation provides the solutions you need throughout every quarter. 

A few of the lead generation services offered at Launch Leads include: 

  • Appointment-Setting – Appointment setting focuses on getting in-touch with top-tier contacts to make the decisions necessary to do business with your company. An appointment setting company will lay the groundwork for making our way up the chain so that when you sit down for your sales meetings, you meet with the industry playmakers ready to move forward. Outsourcing appointment-setting to a professional will optimize your sales strategy so that your business grows exponentially throughout time.
  • Rabid Inbound Lead Response – Getting in contact with a lead can feel like an uphill battle for a traditional sales team. The longer it takes you to get back to a lead after missing a phone call from them, the higher the likelihood that your pitch won’t stick. Lead generation prioritizes response times by calling prospective leads back within five minutes. The longer you wait, the less likely they will engage in a conversation because you are further from their mind. A lead gen partner will fast track response times, so you reach your prospects and make an impression that sticks.
  • Hyper-Targeted Lead Lists – You could invest a lot of money into developing internal systems, software, subscriptions, or minimum purchases and then invest more money into training your employees to use resources. Or you could outsource these efforts and leverage proven technology and processes to create a hyper-targeted lead list. This list will include your ideal clientele and prospective customers that match your chosen lead criteria.
  • Lead Nurturing – Ensure that every prospect has the opportunity needed to become your client with lead nurturing services. This lead gen technique uses the latest research and technology to keep track of each lead. It also focuses on optimizing communication efforts so that you get the most bang for your buck. No matter if it’s email, cold calling, or through social media, your message will stay consistent and strong no matter the day of the week.
  • Dead Lead Revival – Focus on re-engaging exhausted prospects instead of throwing them in the waste bin with dead lead revival services. This lead generation tactic uses advanced proprietary software to track your leads’ progress through the sales process. These efforts will maximize opportunities so that you increase the prospect’s interest in your business.
  • Trade Show Lead Generation – Trade show lead generation focuses on meeting prospects in-person. This effective marketing solution provides businesses with increased opportunities to prove their worth. A successful trade show strategy includes adequate preparation and consistent follow-up. These lead generation efforts will allow your company to maximize its efforts before, during, and after the event.

These lead generation services are a few examples of the different strategies you can use to attract potential customers and eventually persuade them that your services are worthwhile. While B2B lead generation seems simple enough, various factors can transform your campaign from good to great.

The most efficient lead generation campaigns focus on several services rather than one or two. A combination of these services offers the customized approach a business needs in a B2B sales campaign. Outsourcing your sales efforts using B2B lead generation will help grow your business more than you thought possible. 

Working with a B2B lead generation service, you can find unique ways of attracting people to your business. Your lead gen partner will help you develop customized strategies that provide prospects with enough goodies to become naturally interested in your product or services. Over time, you will convince your ideal customers that your business is the right choice.


What is a Good Cost Per Lead?

The cost of a lead entirely depends on your market, your ideal customer, the competition, and your company’s needs and market. Customized lead generation solutions will provide you with the best results, but they will cost more. Here are some average prices of leads across various industries.  

Financial Services $44 $272 $160
IT, Computer, and Technical Services $39 $370 $208
Education $37 $66 $55
Healthcare and Medical $36 $286 $162
Industrial and Manufacturing $33 $235 $136
Travel & Tourism $29 $182 $106
Retail $25 $41 $34
Consumer Products $24 $182 $105
Telecom $24 $64 $45
Marketing Agencies $22 $173 $99
Media and Publishing $21 $191 $108
Non-Profits $16 $43 $31
Business Services $39 $225 $132
Events & Tradeshows $180 $1,442 $811
Public Relations/Earned Media $108 $480 $294
Referrals $54 $92 $73
Video Marketing $59 $288 $174
LinkedIn Advertising $51 $99 $75
Webinars $45 $98 $72
Display Advertising (Premium) $43 $82 $63
Content Marketing $43 $140 $92
Display Advertising (Programmatic) $34 $42 $38
Traditional Advertising (TV, Radio, Print) $38 $1,200 $619
Search Engine Advertising $38 $181 $110
Social Media Advertising $34 $82 $58
Email Marketing $33 $72 $53
Online Retargeting $22 $39 $31
Social Media Advertising $21 $73 $47
Search Engine Optimization $14 $47 $31

SOURCES:  HubSpot,, Matchcraft, Prospect Marketing, Pulse Local Marketing, Survey America 

To further understand the cost of a lead, you will also need to appreciate the lead generation process. 

Lead generation includes unleashing outbound marketing strategies that gather interest in your services or product. You can target specific demographics that will be most interested in your business, as well. Some of these avenues will include a series of marketing channels, such as your website, email marketing, blog, advertisements, or social media pages.

You can encourage these prospective customers to click on your call-to-action (CTA) — an image, button, or message that encourages website visitors to take some action that leads to eventual sales. That CTA will then take your visitor to a landing page, a web page designed to capture lead information in exchange for an offer.

But the process doesn’t stop there. Once you have the lead, you have a tough road ahead, trying to set a sales appointment with that lead by increasing interest. Your lead gen partner will then walk your leads through the sales process to ensure they close the deal. You can work with your lead generation service provider to determine which techniques they use to make it happen. 

Handing your B2B lead generation over to a lead generation company will give your sales strategy the time and attention it needs to reach its potential. Whether you run a small company or part of a large enterprise, lead generation is one of the leading strategies to grow your business. 

These efforts will improve your flexibility and strategizing techniques to ensure that you get the most out of your sales efforts. So, even though the upfront cost may seem extreme, partnering with a lead generation service is more than worth the price.


How Much Does Lead Gen Cost?

In running your lead generation program, there are four things you will need to consider – tools, staff, overhead, opportunity. To save you time and effort, we’ve put together a cost-breakdown, as well as the benefits of using a lead generation service provider, such as Launch Leads. You will see the cost of running an internal lead generation campaign for six months versus the benefits of using a lead generation service provider.

You will find that outsourcing your lead generation campaigns will maximize opportunities for your business with the services that Launch Leads offers on top of saving money. Working with our lead generation services, you’ll gain even more features and benefits than the tools listed below that are available through a DIY campaign. Ultimately, you’ll discover that the Launch Leads Lead Generation Program will result in maximized opportunity and faster company growth for your business.


DIY Internal Lead Generation Campaign 

Tool Costs (6 months):

– Dialer/CRM $2,640 (according to Salesforce CRM & Inside Sales Dialer)

– Customer Service $750 (according to

– Marketing Automation Tool and ESP $9,000 (according to Marketo)

– Banner Ads $600 (according to Webimax)

– Database $5,000 (includes prospect/ email marketing)


Staff Costs (6 months):

– Quality Assurance Analyst $15,000

– Lead Researcher $1,200

– Account Manager $45,000

– Business Development Rep $25,000


Overhead Costs (6 months):

– Infrastructure $7,300

– Staffing $4,500

– Utilities $1,500


DIY Lead Generation Cost (6 Months): 

– Total Cost $117,490


Launch Leads 

Average Launch Lead Program Cost (6 months): 

– Lead Generation Services $47,500


Do Lead Generation Companies Work?

If you are ready to see the fruits of your labor, then partnering with a lead generation company might be the right choice. Lead generation service providers streamlined lead gen services will increase sales and push your businesses towards your goals. Not only will Launch Leads customize a B2B sales strategy that fits your business model, but the latest research backs our targeted approaches.

A few of the benefits of B2B lead generation at Launch Leads include:


Proven Solutions

Partnering with lead generation services gives you access to an arsenal of proven solutions that will quickly adjust to fit your company’s needs. Launch Lead’s lead generation experts will deliver qualified sales for you to close through a finely tuned process.


Custom Sales Tactics

Launch Leads invests in cutting-edge technology to meet the growing demands of various industries. Using innovative sales and marketing technologies like custom-built dialing platforms, you can gather interest from qualified leads.


Sales Support

Working with B2B lead generation services will also increase your support team. You will have an experienced salesforce focused on outbound sales work that can often drain a company’s resources. This process will generate leads, increase interest, and get you in front of interested decision-makers.


Increased Profit

Working with lead generation service is the best way to increase sales. An added benefit of partnering with experts is efficiency and profit. You will have time to focus on clients who generate the most revenue, implement relationship-building activities, and upsell your latest products, which will increase revenue ten-fold. 


Market Experience

Lead generation services focus on generating sales through a series of solutions that lead to sit-down appointments with those in your ideal client demographic. Their experience in the field gives you access to avenues that you don’t have on your own, too.


B2B Lead Generation with Launch Leads

Trust Launch Leads to perfect your company’s B2B lead generation campaigns. With finely tuned processes, we will consistently deliver qualified sales opportunities to your closers so that they can stay laser-focused on interested prospects. You’ll meet with qualified buyers through our proven appointment-setting and lead generation techniques.

Launch Leads commits to making your company a standout in your industry. Our approach centers on the premise that reliability, transparency, and communication are the cornerstones of successful partnerships. Our team, our proprietary technology, and our processes fuel the Launch Leads advantage. You can count on our experts to consistently outperform your competitors, thanks to years of experience creating winning strategies for our clients. Working with us, you can apply methodical and hyper-targeted solutions that keep performance high and your business growing.

Working with our B2B lead experts, you’ll find new customers, foster growth, and drive your business forward. Let our team take yours to greater heights. Not only will our lead generation services increase sales opportunities, but they can help other areas of your business flourish, as well. 

Get started by receiving a free needs assessment from our lead generation experts today.


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