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Hints to a Successful Exchange

By April 13, 2010December 16th, 2021No Comments

Apr 13, 2010

Today we introduce columns written by Launch’s Account Managers to our readers.  These are the fearless chosen who cold call executives on a daily basis and schedule successful appointments with them for our clients.  They have a wealth of experience, and we wanted them to share that talent with our readers.

By Kristen Bess, Account Manager at Launch Leads

Some days when I am on the phone for an extended amount of time it becomes more likely that I can lose initiative. To always make the most out of each lead, or conversation I try to remember a few things to keep my day on task. When implementing these skills I am not only successful in regards to the client but I also keep myself engaged in the conversation.

Leadership in Client Interactions

Don’t water down your dialogue.

  • Believe in what you are saying
  • Continue to believe your client needs what you have!
  • Be strong and confident when presenting your dialogue

Gain Trust and enter in a safe zone

  • Understand your own voice and how to present your best self
  • Avoid becoming defensive
  • Influence by motivating

Insure that they feel you care about their goals

  • Must have an explicit “making a difference” common purpose
  • Adhere to their needs first

Have respect throughout the conversation

  • Allow them to feel as if they are leading the conversation
  • Listen and always respond to them
  • When people feel disrespected there concern turns to anger.

Don’t confuse want with approach.

  • Must have an explicit “making a difference” common purpose
  • The result of influence and motivation will be the mission of a common goal

Remain focused

  • Be intentional
  • Search outside the box and look for new alternatives.

Draw to a close clearly

  • Repeat the conclusion of the conversation back to them
  • Display high personal character and follow up.

“Have the courage to try and recover from failure.”

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