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Ignitespot: Selling Techniques for Small Business an Interview with Brandt Page

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In the aftermath of the worldwide economic meltdown of 2008 and 2009, it takes a young man with rare visionary capacity to start a business on next to nothing, but that’s exactly what Brandt Page did in early 2009 when he started Launch Leads.

Page’s model was a simple service business that worked. Launch Leads fills its clients’ sales pipelines with qualified leads and scheduled sales appointments and has seen 300% increase in revenue year over year. The experience he has gained and his track record of success as a serial entrepreneur make him a great person to learn from and this interview with Eddy Hood is a great place to start.

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Selling Techniques for Small Business – a video Interview with Brandt Page from Launch Leads

by: Eddy Hood

This is a video interview that I was very excited to do.  If you don’t know who Brandt Page from Launch Leads is, check out his company at:LaunchLeads.com

Brandt is one of those people who knows how to sell. He doesn’t have to use devilish sales tricks to manipulate people.  He simply connects with them and helps them to solve a problem. As you sell your products or services, this is the best quality you can have.  When you set aside your sales hat and put on your problem solving hat, you become valuable to your audience.

In the video interview, we talk about the following key points:

1.  What is the best thing a small business owner can do to prospect and find new business?  Brandt talks about the 100 call method and why it is so powerful.  Make sure to take notes on this one as he talks.  If you’re struggling to find new customers, this tip alone will jump start your business in just 1 week.

2.  How do you ask for the close without blowing the deal?  During a sales pitch, most if not all sales people freeze up when it comes time to asking for the close.  Brandt gives us a few tips on how to get through the close with our noses clean.

3.  What is the role of the CEO in his or her company’s selling effort?  Learn why the CEO should be the best rep for the whole company.

4.  What do you say to the CEO when you get him or her on the phone?  If you are a business owner, you have probably been called by sales people before.  Does it bug you when they call?  Brandt teaches us how to reduce some of that friction so that the experience is respectful and efficient.

Let’s watch the interview and glean as much as we can to help us improve our selling techniques:

Funny things to notice during the interview:

  • See if you can spot Brandt’s cell phone ring as he is talking.
  • Watch out for the waitress who interrupts the video interview.  The best part was that she didn’t care.  She just kept talking about the bill.  Fantastic!
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