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The medical industry is evolving at a rapid rate thanks to technological advancements and endless opportunities for growth. Don’t get lost in the shuffle. Launch Leads provides updated lead generation technology to help potential clients find you. Let us contact the key persons from your target organizations who demonstrate a genuine need and fit for your healthcare services.

Our experience in the medical field includes:

  • Medical Facilities
  • Digital Imaging
  • Healthcare IT
  • Diagnostic Kits
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Recreational Centers
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Medical Aid Equipment
  • Patient Services
  • Ambulance and Emergency Services
  • Medical Devices
  • Healthcare Service
  • Patient Management Software


Engage leading healthcare professionals from across the country with our multi-channel approach to lead generation. Working with your business, our B2B lead experts will help you find new customers, boost growth, and drive business forward. Throughout every stage of the sales process we’ll keep you informed, updated, and aware of all the moves we’re making to improve your sales pipeline.


Launch Leads has mastered the art of healthcare lead generation and appointment setting within B2B healthcare industries. Our lead generation experts understand what it takes to sell to hospitals and clinics, manage huge sales organizations within medical settings, clinics, and physician practices. We have years of experience working with clients in hospital settings, group practices, and clinics. These years of experience serve as the foundation for Launch Lead’s knowledge and lead generation services. With an ongoing commitment to stocking your pipeline with interested prospects and a track record that proves our worth, Launch Leads is the partner you need to stand out in the healthcare industry.

Because of our experience and success working in healthcare lead generation, our providers offer a unique viewpoint that leads to targeted medical lead and appointment setting strategies. Your team will include mature, experienced, and qualified agents who are well-versed in the intricacies of the healthcare sector. Working within your predetermined guidelines, our agents will confidently reach high-level decision-makers. We will express your value propositions, qualify prospects, and establish appointments with top-grade decision-makers. Together, we will create a healthcare lead generation campaign that raises the bar for all outside competitors.

We will also develop a messaging system that is on-brand and on-point. Thanks to our one-of-a-kind customization strategy, you can expect us to set appointments with interested decision-makers who meet your client standards. Simply put, Launch Leads is the healthcare lead generation provider you need to bring prospects to the bargaining table. Whether we are using the latest technologies or tried-and-true lead generation methodology, our team will represent your best interests so you can meet with interested prospects while staying attentive to their needs.

All in all, years of experience developing healthcare lead generation strategies give us the fuel you need to meet prospects head-on. So let’s create a successful campaign together. Trust us to consistently provide high-quality, qualified medical leads. Please fill out our free needs assessment form to learn how Launch Leads can help your business.


 How Do You Generate Leads in Healthcare?

Businesses within the medical field must generate leads to keep their practices running. While there are several ways to perform healthcare lead generation, the first step you must take is developing a strategic plan. Working with a lead generation provider, you can assess strategies that will prepare agents to contact, qualify, and set appointments with quality leads that have a high probability of flowing into your sales pipeline.  

Some of the steps you should take when developing your healthcare lead generation campaign include:

  • Determine your ideal client profile
  • Understand the parameters of qualifying leads 
  • Verify the objective of each qualified lead or appointment
  • Assign leaders to manage lead communication and appointments
  • Establish a contact strategy with on-brand messaging
  • Set up technologies that will enhance contact points like rapid inbound lead response times
  • Create a multi-channel approach to communication, including email, phone calls, in-person events, etc.
  • Discuss next steps to take after successfully contacting a prospect
  • Establish a strategy for leads that aren’t ready to move forward in the sales process

Working with a healthcare lead generation expert, like Launch Leads, you can create a custom campaign that will amplify access to medical leads from around the world. Contact us today to learn more about our healthcare lead generation services.


What is a Medical Lead?

Medical lead is a term used in the healthcare sales industry for clients interested in working with an organization, practice, clinic, or doctor. Medical lead generation is more than setting up a website and running ads. It is about showing potential customers the value your practice brings to the table compared to other providers in your area.

If you create a healthcare lead generation campaign, you must develop a series of sales strategies targeted at drawing prospects in and boosting your organization’s profitability. In B2B healthcare lead generation, companies will develop sales campaigns to work with other businesses within the industry. You can do this by focusing on what your potential patients need, what they respond to, and what will grab their attention.

Medical practices will market to medical leads by laying out all the reasons why potential patients would select them as their healthcare providers. Some companies that use medical lead generation include medical device developers, medical equipment manufacturers, technology, hardware, pharmaceuticals, and more.

If you are looking for ways to generate more medical leads, contact Launch Leads.


How Do You Get Patient Leads?

There has never been a more exciting time to be in the healthcare industry. Labs are developing new technologies, healthcare providers are working with patients, and patients continue to seek a health-focused life. As patients look for new providers, are you doing your part to look for them? Launch Leads unleashes targeted strategies to help you generate more patient leads.

Our lead generation experts understand the ins and outs of medical equipment and medical devices, technology, purchasing, hardware, human resources, staffing, and language services. We speak with hospitals, outpatient clinics, surgery centers, wellness centers, imaging centers, physician practices, and group purchasing groups regularly. This in-depth knowledge and years of experience will allow us to meet your needs better.

And when you partner with Launch Leads, you’ll quickly realize that our expertise in healthcare lead generation and appointment setting is a great tool to expand your patient services and boost your revenue streams.


What is a Medical Lead Generation Strategy?

Lead generation strategy refers to the targeted approach that organizations use to build relationships with potential consumers to encourage them buy their products or use their services. In healthcare lead generation, organizations will develop strategies that generate interest in their services. For instance, a medical device manufacturer will create content, send emails, and make phone calls to prospective clients who might be interested in their product. You can either walk into lead generation blindly or work with a provider who understands how to communicate your message as effectively as possible.

Some of the most effective lead generation strategies include:

  • Appointment-setting
  • Rapid inbound lead response
  • Hyper-targeted lead lists
  • Lead nurturing
  • Lead qualification
  • Retargeting campaigns
  • Email nurturing
  • Content development
  • Trade show lead generation


How Do I Start Healthcare Lead Generation?

To begin the healthcare lead generation process, partner with the experts at Launch Leads. Our team will first run a multi-channel lead generation campaign by developing a communication strategy that targets your ideal prospects. Next, we will nurture those leads by organizing appointments with your sales staff once we establish a connection with them that will most likely lead to a signed deal. If leads aren’t interested in your services or products, we will initiate a remarketing campaign to recapture uninterested leads, missed appointments, or prospects who did not complete the sales process.

To start healthcare lead generation, fill out a Free Needs Assessment. Once you complete the form and submit it, a member of our team will get in touch with you shortly to discuss how Launch Leads can maximize your organization’s potential.


“Launch gets us in with the right decision makers from a targeted list…We’ve always relied on businesses coming to us, until Launch.”


"Launch has a reputation of accelerating and optimizing the process so it is hands off for us…they are experts at what they do."





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