Launch Leads LLC, a B2B lead generation company, has announced their latest success story – a 90% year over year growth of the company through improved performance and a growing client base.

“We understand that each client faces a unique set of challenges and that a blanketed approach will not work.  We have to be nimble and creative in our solutions.  Companies that engage with Launch Leads are trying to capture market share within a finite window of opportunity.  We embrace that time-sensitive responsibility and relentlessly work to exceed their expectations” says President Scott Smith.

Through its product offering that includes lead list generation, appointment setting, B2B prospecting, event follow up and lead follow up, Launch Leads drives interested prospects directly into their clients’ sales funnel.

Launch Leads’ location in Salt Lake City is a convenient location for tapping into the best brains from among the most reputable universities in the United States. Not only does Launch Leads tap into this talent pool but also a loyal team of advisors and partners. This combined with proprietary software provides a solid foundation for powering the performance of its client’s businesses.

About Launch Leads

Launch generates targeted lead lists, qualifies each lead, and schedules sales opportunities on behalf of its clients.

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