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We are going through a major CRM transition at Launch Leads. Needless to say, it has not gone as smoothly as hoped. We have had many different bumps, hurdles, obstacles, challenges, issues, problems and down-right catastrophes throughout this transition process. At many times I’ve asked myself the question “is this worth it?” But during it all, something magical has happened. I have watched people step up and perform admirably in many different roles (many times outside of their job description). They have stepped up as leaders. It made me realize leaders don’t need permission to lead.

It never fails. When crises occur, leaders need step up regardless of role or title. I find that this is something that must be taught and developed from early ages, even childhood. Leadership is that important. Teach your children to be leaders regardless of the role in life. Leadership can come from anywhere.

And let me be clear, leadership doesn’t just mean leading from the front. Many times it is something different entirely. Sometimes it means working late to ensure the computers all work. Sometimes it means vacuuming the floors after everyone leaves. Sometimes it means telling someone thank you for their hard work when they least expect it. It is these more subtle examples of leadership that I love most. I love seeing frontline works do extraordinary things even though they aren’t getting paid for it, like cleaning the fridge at night or coming in early to ensure they are ready for the day. It’s like magic. When someone steps up as a leader, even in a subtle way, magic happens. Attitudes magically get better. Morale magically improves. People around them magically start to work harder. Results magically start to improve. All of this because one person decided to make a difference as a leader.

We all have the potential for great leadership. It sometimes takes a dire circumstance to wake us up to our own potential but it is in there. Encourage leadership in every area. Teach it. Expect it. Remember, leaders don’t need need permission to lead.

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