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Looking for B2B leads? Look no further than Launch Leads. Our Approach is centered on the premise that reliability, transparency, and communication are the cornerstones of successful partnerships. Working with our B2B lead experts, you’ll find new customers, foster growth, and drive your business forward.


Our ongoing commitment is to provide high performing, dependable services to our valued partners. We relentlessly work to exceed expectations while our quality standards ensure that your brand is represented professionally.


Customized reporting provides visibility into our activity, assuring that your investment is hard at work. Enter your sales calls confidently with detailed prospect information and insight on each qualified lead we deliver.


Regularly scheduled partnership meetings promote synergy and keep your campaign calibrated for success. Direct access to your dedicated campaign resources allow for frequent and efficient communication.



Our Process is built on four core tenets that provide a framework for campaign strategy and execution. This cyclical system helps prevent “status quo” performance because we continuously uncover new areas of opportunity. We know that reliable results depend on proven structure.











Through nearly a decade of experience with enterprise, mid-market and start-up companies we’ve learned that successful partnerships begin with a thorough needs assessment. Take a few minutes to help us fully understand your objectives and we’ll build a custom solution that meets your needs and fits your budget.



B2B lead generation is an ever-evolving process. You could implement a campaign one day and need to re-evaluate your approach the next. It requires strategy, efficiency, and endurance. If you want to stand out in the business world, you need a lead generation approach that creates an experience worth remembering. You need a lead generation partner that creates a custom strategic approach like Launch Leads.

With Launch Leads integrated into your sales campaign, you will receive key insights into what drives your client’s purchasing power. Instantly, we get to work filling any gaps in your current B2B sales campaign. From the first contact point to the final appointment, Launch Leads will provide leads with personalized information that will ensure that your business or product is invaluable to theirs. Once they are ready, we will bring top decision-makers to the table so that you can encourage them to sign on the dotted line.

Lead generation is critical, but doing it right takes time and effort. When you partner with one of the B2B lead generation companies like us, we’ll do much of the leg work. Not only will we use proven innovation to grow your business, but we’ll also free up your team to focus on more skilled tasks. A few advantages of using one of the lead generation companies to put together a sales campaign include:

  • Learn actionable insights
  • Use a sales approach targeted to your ideal prospect
  • Reach prospects
  • Receive real-time reporting
  • Expand your sales support team
  • Increase appointments with interested leads
  • Grow profits

Another key component of our lead generation approach is getting to know you and your ideal client. We focus on getting to know every inch, corner, and side of your business so we can better serve your client. Our focus is on you, so you can completely focus on your business. We aim to make your company a standout in your industry. We unleash our proven strategies that will provide you with more opportunities to find and connect with top leads.

Because your business, product, and target audience are all unique, we will develop a custom strategy that will take your sales approach to the next level. On the other hand, the basic framework of our proven process is so effective that it stays the same for each of our clients. Our lead generation approach derives from years of thorough, data-driven studies, testing, and methodology. It leverages key data points to enrich the experience with each and every lead personally.

The Launch Lead process’s core includes four basic tenants: Strategic Planning, Multi-Variable Testing, Performance Evaluation, and Campaign Optimization. First, we build a targeted, effective lead list and sift through it to find qualified leads. After contacting potential clients and pique their interest, we will set up sales calls with the lead’s decision-makers for your sales team. Using this lead generation approach puts your sales team in a better position to close the deal. Rather than spending hours sifting through unqualified leads, they only throw them away when they remain uninterested.

Another key component of our lead generation approach is getting to know you and your ideal client. We focus on getting to know every inch, corner, and side of your business so we can better serve your client. This invaluable information will ensure that we can make the most out of our lead generation partnership. We will ask questions like why are you looking for a B2B lead generation service similar to ours? What do you hope to get out of our partnership? How much of your market do you own right now? Most importantly, what are your monthly, quarterly, and annual objectives?

We know that your business is unique, so we must work with you to figure out exactly how we can align with your goals— we won’t make any assumptions. Together, we can discover the type of approach to make your weakness as strong as your strengths. But it doesn’t stop there. Once we create custom scripts, email templates, and other campaign collateral, we will train our team in your unique verbiage and brand messaging. We design a custom training curriculum to familiarize sales agents with your product or service, the competitive environment, and any potential objections they might face. Then, we will teach students how to respond to these issues with suitable rebuttals or push leads further down the sales cycle.

After the campaign launches, we will unleash our sales force, looking for leads that will positively impact your business’s ROI. Not only will we ensure that agents follow the strategy, but we will continually test our lead generation approach. This step is where we take notes, test, and adjust. We will re-evaluate our strategy to ensure that we use the most optimal sales approach. Once we have a clear perspective and make the right adjustments, we will scale your campaign to ensure that you hit every opportunity imaginable.

At Launch Leads, we use a series of lead generation services proven to improve your B2B sales strategy. When you partner with us to create B2B sales leads campaigns, you’ll know that your company is receiving the exposure you need to close sales more quickly. 

Our lead B2B generation services include:

  • Lead Qualification
  • Appointment Setting
  • Rapid Inbound Lead Response
  • Hyper-Targeted Lead Lists
  • Dead Lead Revival
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Trade Show Lead Generation

We are an industry leader in appointment setting. Over the years, we have honed best practices for approaching prospects from every imaginable industry. For every client and every appointment setting campaign, we use a different contact strategy based on the desired title, vertical, company profile, and more. To increase our efficiency, we use historical data in the space you are targeting. Through this trusted collaborative partnership with us, you’ll learn along the way.

With the use of innovative marketing and sales automation, we can deliver more in less time. We provide you with real-time data to improve your messaging on inbound and outbound lead generation activities. As more data points are gathered throughout the campaign, you’ll be able to create more efficient messaging for your marketing segments. All of this happens while staying completely invisible to your prospects. We look just like your internal business development team.

Whatever B2B lead generation service you are interested in, Launch Leads is the right partner for the job. Our client success stories and Launch Leads reviews offer a glimpse into lead generation growth. Trust us to help you develop a lead generation approach to B2B appointment setting that maximizes your sales potential. We will develop a campaign that consistently fills your appointment book with qualified leads with the highest potential to close.

Your team won’t burn through leads with our full-funnel approach, either. Our lead generation experts combine multi-channel techniques with proven lead generation services and follow up with our leads throughout the sales cycle until we set an appointment with an interested decision-maker. Then, our team will use our follow-up services to deliver significant, measurable insights to your sales team that will make your appointments a success every time you meet.

Launch Leads continues to blaze new trails in lead generation. Forrester, Forbes, and numerous other trusted publications have featured Launch Leads, noting how our lead generation capabilities bring exceptional value to our trusted clients. We have helped businesses generate $2 billion in revenue, set over 50,000 sales appointments, and closed over 11,000 sales. Throughout the last decade in business, we have demonstrated unparalleled results for our clients across many services industries. You can count on our experienced lead generation experts to create and deliver a B2B sales strategy that places your company at the top of prospective leads lists.

Learn more about how Launch Leads’ unique lead generation approach will ensure you meet with softened leads who are interested in becoming lifelong clients—receive a free needs assessment today.


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