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Launch Leads began in 2009 to meet a growing need in the sales industry for greater lead generation expertise and efficiency. Since the beginning, Launch Leads has focused on curating industry leaders devoted to creating B2B lead generation solutions that help our clients reach their business goals. Our Executive Team members each bring a unique set of skills and experience to the organization.

As a team, we believe in helping our employees develop new knowledge and abilities so that our clients can thrive. Our executive leadership continues to build a culture of success that fuels our transformation and supports growth. Together, we can expand your outreach and fill your sales pipeline with ideal prospects. Our passion for business development starts right here. Explore the executive team that will lead your B2B sales strategy across the lead generation market.

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Scott is an authentic leader who is passionate about providing high quality and reliable service to Launch’s valued partners. Scott’s client centric leadership keeps the organization focused on creating lasting partnerships through consistent performance and open communication. Scott is a Peak 100 award winner and is also a Goldman Sachs 10KSB scholarship recipient and graduate. As a strategic and operational leader, Scott understands the importance of keystone processes, but also notes that most business hurdles are solved through an innovative and customized strategy:

“We understand that our clients face unique sets of challenges and that a blanketed approach will not work. We have to be nimble and creative in our solutions. Companies that engage Launch Leads are trying to capture market share within a finite window of opportunity. We embrace that time-sensitive responsibility and relentlessly work to exceed their expectations.”

Scott continually finds ways to move the company forward. His leadership focuses on the Launch Lead mission to provide partners with high-performing and dependable services through transparency and one-on-one communication. Scott’s abilities and talent will enable Launch to increase sales opportunities for clients across the board, including discovering new areas where your business will flourish. Work with Scott and our Executive Team to customize a B2B lead generation strategy that drives your business forward.

Head shot of Scott Smith CEO & President of Launch Leads.


Launch Leads began in a living room in 2009 when Scott Smith recognized a need in the marketplace to enable established or emerging businesses to grow faster and increase efficiency within their sales and marketing efforts. Together, Launch Leads was born to add sales revenue and profitability for clients across all service industries. Since the inception in Bubba Page’s living room, Launch Leads has grown from a start-up without outside investment funding to a full-fledged inside sales appointment-setting company that has generated over $2-billion in revenue.

Along with fostering growth for numerous clients, our executive team receives continual praise for their work. Inc. 5000 also recognized Launch Leads in their list of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies for three consecutive years in 2017, 2018, and 2019. This success led to a company-wide expansion led to new office space in the iconic Wells Fargo Building in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Our extensive history also motivated us to create an evolved services program based on proprietary lead services such as B2B Prospecting, Appointment Setting, Lead Generation, Client Profiling, Lead List Generation and Clean Up, Immediate Response to Web Leads, and Event Registration and Follow Up. Lastly, our Sales Assistant program allows a closer or team to have a dedicated “executive assistant” trained in the specifics of the B2B sales process to help drive prospects from the top of the funnel to a closed sale.



When it comes to B2B lead generation, Launch Leads leads the way. Forbes, Forrester, and numerous other trusted publications featured Launch Leads, highlighting how our lead generation capabilities bring value to our clients. As of 2021, Launch helped businesses generate $2-billion in revenue, set over 50,000 sales appointments, and close over 11,000 sales. Through our decade of working in the B2B lead generation market we have routinely demonstrated that we can customize inbound and outbound systems that benefit clients across service industries exponentially.

The Launch Leads advantage improves every day. Whether we are delivering lead generation services or appointment-setting services, our approach revolves around the premise that reliability, transparency, and communication are the cornerstones of our partnerships. We offer targeted lead generation solutions using proven methodology. Our technology-focused services streamline the sales process to help you reach your business goals. These techniques rely on specific, accurate, high-quality sales data to target your ideal prospects. Count on our experienced lead generation experts to execute a B2B sales strategy that puts your name at the top of prospective leads lists.


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