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5 Signs You Should Outsource Lead Generation

In today’s highly demanding marketing climate, preserving a competitive edge is key. One of the most critical strategies to support and remain ahead of the game focuses on your sales strategy. Based on sales research, 61% of marketers say generating traffic and leads are their top challenges. However, many sales teams hemorrhage a massive chunk of their budget using unimpactful solutions. In fact, companies spend over $5 billion in sales preparation and improvement in the United States alone. What if there was a better solution? Well, there is—B2B lead generation.

B2B lead generation outsources a portion of your sales efforts giving your business the time and attention it needs to reach its potential. Whether you run a small company or part of a large enterprise, lead generation is one of the leading strategies to grow your business. 

Along with improved flexibility and proven strategizing techniques, outsourcing your lead generation services will ensure that you get the most out of your sales efforts. In fact, many companies are over-extending themselves, trying to run a DIY lead generation campaign. While this can yield some success, outsourced efforts will lead to bigger payoff. If you are considering a new sales strategy, here are the five signs that B2B lead generation services are right for you.  


1. You Spend Too Much Time Collecting Leads

Outbound sales efforts are a regular part of the process. However, if you call days on end without an uptick in your appointments or closed sales numbers, you are wasting your time. There are proven strategies that can accelerate your efforts, which a lead generation expert will utilize when working on your campaign. Whether it is spending more time on dead leads or gathering interest through a multi-funnel approach, these tactics will improve your sales rates without spending more money on additional employees. 

Lead generation partners will also focus on your outbound sales so that you can keep your eye on other departments that need your attention. Through a proven process, lead qualification services and appointment-setting companies will work with you to develop strategies that seamlessly integrate with your business’s framework. These partners continuously help you uncover new areas of opportunity that will ultimately optimize your marketing strategy and maximize your growth.   


2. Buyers Seem Less Interested in Your Product

One of the keys to increasing sales is not wasting time on uninterested buyers. While you should still focus on all types of prospects, the quality of those efforts should focus on those showing an interest in your product. Lead generation services schedule appointments with interested decision-makers with a greater likelihood of buying what you are selling. 

Look no further than appointment setting companies if you are searching for ways of boosting your sales. The lead generation services concentrate on booking meetings with interested playmakers in your ideal client demographic. Not only do appointment setting service providers understand how to increase interest in your product, but handle sales areas often forgotten by in-house sales teams and novice lead generation providers.


3. You Aren’t Utilizing the Latest Technologies

Improved sales technology is making the industry more efficient than ever before. While there are still traditional sales techniques that will also bring forth positive outcomes, blending in new technology will give your business its best chance at survival. A great way to remain a competitor in your field is by utilizing these technologies to your advantage. Lead generation services continually implement the newest research and proven strategies for your benefit. 

Launch Leads approached our lead generation systems through a multi-channel approach. Our team will work with you to find the strategies that fit your demographic best and customize around your needs. Then we will implement technologies that promise the best results. Together, your lead generation service will find unparalleled sales opportunities using this exclusive proprietary technology.


4. Your Sale Budget is in the Red

Handling lead generation in-house takes a great deal of development, design, and money. The overhead alone can drag your business down for months if you don’t see the returns you need. Outsourced lead generation is more efficient and budget-friendly than most DIY lead generation strategies for various reasons, including additional experience in the field and pre-proven sales processes. 

When it comes to a DIY lead generation program, four things can take a toll on your budget— tools, staff, overhead, opportunity. As one of the leading B2B lead generation services, our findings establish that outsourced efforts lead to bigger gains for most businesses. By partnering with Launch Leads, your business will get the attention it deserves from yourself, us, and other businesses. 


5. You Want to Succeed

Lead generation services are crucial to businesses, not only surviving but succeeding. Outsourced lead generation will help you accomplish both without draining your budget or taking too much time to find interested clients. Collaborating with a lead generation provider will help you save time, money, and effort. Launch Leads offers specialized services that will eliminate any need for in-house lead generation by providing a team of professionals that understand how to grow your B2B sales. Here are some additional items to consider when setting up lead generation

From proven lead generation strategies to accelerating success, partnering with Launch Leads will promote faster growth for your company. Learn more about our B2B lead generation services and receive a free needs assessment by contacting us today.  


Post by Scott Smith 

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