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Wouldn’t it be great if all your potential customers knew what they needed, knew you had it, and knew how to find you? In that world—a perfect world—you wouldn’t need to generate leads. Unfortunately, unless you’re WalMart, you probably don’t live in that world.


So, what’s the big deal, anyway? What makes lead generation so painful? There are lots of ways to generate leads—use social media, create informative content, use current customers, approach friends at barbecues, etc. These all sound great. The fact is, however, they will all cost you money (or friends). That’s the big deal—lead generation costs time and money, and if you’re doing it incorrectly, you might be throwing that time and money away.

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Money Up Front

The actual cost of generating leads varies tremendously. The techniques you use and your industry are the two main factors, but other things are involved as well. In broad terms, however, Mike Bayes of LinkedIn estimates that a new customer will cost 15% of the total revenue generated by that sale. The important thing to remember here is that it’s money up-front, and you probably won’t see a return on that investment for 6 months, depending on the industry. Also, that’s assuming you close the sale, and there are no guarantees.


Money Out the Window

There’s one more important factor to consider. Even if you’re willing to spend the money to set up a lead generation campaign, where will you spend it? This isn’t the type of thing you can throw money at and leads will simply appear—you need an effective strategy. The danger is that, with little or no experience, your strategy is likely to be ineffective and you’ll be throwing money away.


Money Well Spent

There’s a better way. Talk to Launch Leads about lead generation. For nearly a decade, we’ve been developing and refining a lead generation strategy that has helped hundreds of businesses just like yours achieve sales goals they never dreamed possible. We get to know your business and your competitors, create targeted lead lists, and deliver actual sales appointments with decision-makers at companies who are interested in your product. This is much more than a lead list—these are scheduled conversations with interested parties. Rather than just throwing money at a problem and hoping for results, talk to an experienced team of sales specialists with the technology and expertise to take your business to the next level.

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