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You’ve done the analysis and run the numbers. Setting up an appointment setting service for your business is the next step in your game plan. 


But how do you go about setting up an appointment setting service for your business?


This short guide will walk you through the process of setting up this service, what to expect when hiring an appointment setting service, and give you valuable tips and tricks that will save you time and money.


What Are The Benefits Of Hiring An Appointment Setting Service?


If your salespeople are churning through bad leads, morale is low, and you just can’t seem to get past the gatekeepers, it might be time to outsource your appointment setting services.


The many benefits of hiring an outside team to help you set up appointments are huge. Here are just a few:


  • It’s cost-effective. Hiring an outside resource to focus solely on appointment setting and lead generation is more cost-effective than hiring inside representatives, training each new employee, and offering benefits along with regularly increasing salaries.
  • It’s efficient. Your schedules will be managed for you. Our teams will coordinate with your calendars and keep track of all of the appointments and bookings we set.
  • It improves morale. If your team has struggled with closing leads, the appointments we make are with leads that have been pre-qualified and are more likely to convert. The cold calling is done on our part and you are only delivered warm and hot leads. 
  • It’s done by experts. We know our business and our process is proven. We provide you with scripts and strategies that work and we continually test them.


Now that you’ve seen a few benefits to hiring an appointment setting service, it’s time to get started. Here’s how. 

Hiring Appointment Setting Services


Choosing an appointment setting service is crucial. The company you choose can make or break your business, since you are counting on them to produce a supply of sales leads that are qualified and ready to do business. Otherwise, your sales team will spend their time churning leads and burning up valuable time rather than closing.


When assessing an appointment setting services, look for the following:


  • Positive reputation and reviews
  • Technological resources
  • Experienced staff
  • Established process
  • Contact lists within various industries
  • Transparency with data reporting and billing practices


Once you have established which business to hire, it’s time to contact their sales representatives and have a needs assessment conducted on your business. This initial consultation will help them estimate your cost, determine the target audience, and establish the scope of the campaign.


Now, you’re on your way.


Appointment Setting Services – The Process

Step One – Determine The Scope Of Your Campaign


First, we will need to establish your target audience by looking at the following factors:


  • Your organization type and industry
  • Your current position within the industry
  • Past successes
  • Titles of the people you’ve closed sales with
  • Other potential audiences/industries


This initial assessment helps us build a testing lead list of approximately 200 contacts. At this point, you may provide certain data to us that we will enhance, cleanse, and add additional information such as email, direct-dial phone numbers, or other contact information.


Step Two – Create A Winning Strategy


During this step, we will develop a comprehensive strategy and set goals for your campaigns. The campaign will be designed and the tactics outlined, such as:


  • Contact strategy and cadence
  • Call type
  • Reschedule strategy
  • Competitor analysis
  • Lead retirement


Step Three – Call Scripts, Emails, and Campaign Collateral


Part of your service includes the various collateral needed to help you convert a lead into a qualified appointment. We will develop sales-call scripts and test them, write an email that will be sent from your domain, and create additional email templates. 


If additional visual or written collateral needs to be developed, we’ll discuss those items with you and work to create or distribute this material as well.


Step Four – Sales Training


When we set your appointments, we not only act as your representatives, we present a seamless front to your clients. To your lead prospects, there is no difference between your company and ours. 


This means that we must create a custom training program that gives our sales agents a complete picture of your company, the product or service being offered, competitors, any objections they might hear and make sure they know the necessary details and language that reflects the values and messaging of your company.


Role playing is an important part of training and each agent is recorded. Finally, the sales agents assigned to you will be tested on important campaign details.


Step Five – Test Dial Phase


We carefully monitor every aspect of the campaign to test the effectiveness of each element. Sales agents receive daily coaching and our performance is analyzed daily.


Step Six


It’s time to GO LIVE! 


Mark Cuban says it best.  “You are not trying to convince them of anything. You’re trying to show them how you are going to make their lives easier . . . There are no favors involved. It’s a win-win for everybody. Every no gets you closer to a yes. It’s a numbers game. . . It’s just a question of making the calls.”


Our agents each set personal goals in addition to the performance goals we set with you and then they go after success.


But we don’t rest on our laurels here and simply make the calls. We keep monitoring calls to make sure our agents are on script and following our strategy. We coach. We provide feedback. We review our performance. And if necessary, we adjust. We are always striving to refine our process and do better every day.


When To Scale Up Your Appointment Setting Services


You might be achieving a healthy level of success with our lead generation and appointment setting services. Your budget may increase due to this success, but is it time to scale up?


Here are a few tips:


  • Make sure you have the resources in place before increasing the number of appointments. Check to see if your salespeople have room on their calendars to handle the increased volume. There’s nothing worse than missing appointments and burning valuable leads.
  • Do you have the budget? Are there areas in your marketing budget that are not achieving the ROI needed that can be scaled back to accommodate increased appointment setting services?
  • Is there blue sky? That is, is there enough of a market to increase the amount of outreach, or is your customer base limited? Are there other opportunities you might be missing? Other industries?


If you have the resources, the time, the budget, and there are plenty of opportunities that you may be missing, then it’s time to scale up your campaign and continue to push harder.


Who Should You Hire For Appointment Setting Services?


There are many appointment setting services, but not all companies are equal. You want to hire a company that has both the resources, the proprietary technology and processes, and the experts on staff to give you the best results.


That company is Launch Leads


We are your collaborative partner to deliver qualified sales opportunities to your team through our proven appointment-setting methods. You’ll get unparalleled service along with transparent, frequent reporting so you’ll always know how we’re delivering.


How To Contact Launch Leads


We’re here to help you. You can pick up the phone to discuss your needs with us by calling (877) 811-0830 or fill out this form and we’ll get back to you right away. 


Post by Scott Smith 

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