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What to Know When Setting Up Lead Generation Services for Your Business


Lead generation is one of the fastest-growing trends in the B2B industry. What you might not realize is that it isn’t an easy feat. Just take a look at a few of the numbers. According to recent studies, lead generation is the biggest challenge for over 63% of companies to overcome. That staggering percentage isn’t that mind-blowing when considering all of the factors that come into play when creating a target sales lead campaign.

If you have any hope of building and cultivating a sales funnel, you will need to update and optimize your strategy continually. All in all, the entire lead generation process is difficult, time-consuming, and takes a lot of work. If you look deeper into B2B lead generation statistics, you also find out that gaining leads was a major concern for 55 percent of B2B professionals and increasing the quality of those leads.

Perhaps these are a few of the reasons why many businesses are turning to B2B lead generation services. While not every lead generation company is the same, there are a few commonalities that you should know before working with one. Here is what you should know.


What You Need to Know About Lead Generation Services

1. B2B Lead Generation Increases Your Reach

Your ability to reach more prospective clients is the main value proposition of B2B lead generation services. Any lead gen company worth their weight will have access to large databases.

These databases stem from a variety of sources. A few of these include social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and list acquisition. However, none of this information is worthwhile unless your lead generation agency has the means of gaining interest in your product or service on a one-on-one basis. 

Working with a lead generation service provider, you will outline your ideal client and customize a campaign that fills your sales funnel with potential buyers that hit all the right marks. Combining these two ideals—reach abilities and lead nurturing services, will make your sales campaign hard to beat.


2. Lead Generation Services Include Lead Qualification Services

Don’t waste your time with unqualified leads that will only drain your expense sheet. Using a team of lead generation experts, you will receive an onslaught of leads with interested decision-makers instead. Lead qualification is a tool used during the lead generation process in whether they are inbound or outbound leads.

Inbound leads are classified as prospects who inquire about the product or service. Once that happens, your B2B lead generation service provider will determine whether the lead has monetary potential and fits other parameters that you set. If the lead meets your criteria, then they will move forward in the process.  

Outbound lead generation tactics include advertising, cold emailing, cold calling, and more. The average reach rate for a cold call campaign is 15%, of which the qualification rate is only 30%. And of those, the conversion rate is only 50%. However, a lead generation expert like Launch Leads will use targeted solutions to make your success rate better than that. We consider it our responsibility to make sure we get the right buyer in front of you so that you can drive the sale home.  


3. Lead Generation Companies Nurture Prospects

Lead nurturing is another essential aspect of the lead generation process. Unfortunately, not every B2B lead generation company offers this tool in their service offerings. The main benefit of lead nurturing is that it ensures that your company stays in the running for prospects normally thrown away.

Launch Leads performs lead nurturing by sending targeted content to prospective buyers previously marked ‘uninterested.’ This lead nurturing tactic ensures that these businesses remember your company so that they will know where to turn when they end up needing your services. This communication supports your company’s product or service. It also includes industry-specific information, so none of your communication methods will end up in the SPAM folder. Here are 5 signs you should outsource your lead generation.


4. B2B Lead Generation is Different than Telemarketing

Telemarketing may be a taboo term for some consumers, but cold calling is still an important aspect of B2B lead generation. However, telemarketing in B2B sales is slightly different than the typical definition.

 For one, B2B lead generation uses secure data to target leads that already have an interest in the product or service you are offering. Research shows that business managers are more interested in sales calls while at work, especially compared to the typical telemarketer phone call. This willingness to engage with B2B sales calls is one of the reasons why Marketing Charts ranked phone calls as one of the best ways to reach future buyers.


5. Appointment Setting is Another Valuable Lead Generation Tool

Business to business appointment setting is one of the founding principles used in lead generation and sales. Usually, companies will unleash an arsenal of tools before getting an appointment with an interested buyer, including those listed above. B2B appointment setting is the cherry on top of the lead generation process.


Launch Leads B2B Lead Generation Options

Launch Leads is a leading provider of B2B lead generation services. Our company has been featured in Forbes, Forrester, and numerous other trusted publications highlighting our lead generation services, capabilities, and value. Our proprietary lead services, technologies, strategies, and processes help our highly trained team deliver best in class performance.


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Post by Scott Smith 

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