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Seven Critical Marketing Capabilities

By September 21, 2011October 12th, 2022No Comments

By Dave Goates, Director of Human Capital at Launch Leads

1. Lead Cleanup
Your lead lists must be regularly cleaned. Both data cleanup and data update services are crucial to a successful marketing campaign. Scrub the lead data to repair physical and e-mail addresses and provide an analysis of the data’s accuracy. Updates provide current and full contact data including last name, first name, title, e-mail, physical address, and more. A good marketing campaign begins with accurate contact information.

2. Lead Qualification
Accurate leads convert to potential customers. Calling into those targeted lists drills down into each lead to find the interested decision maker or influencer who will qualify for a set appointment. Sales teams spend an average of 80% of their time prospecting, leaving 20% of their time to closing deals. Make certain sales is allowed to focus on closings, not prospecting.

3. Targeted List Generation
Developing key qualification criteria up front (ie., target industries, titles of decision makers, revenue range, etc.) to locate the correct leads to contact will save a lot of time and effort later. This will ensure your marketing team is utilizing their time efficiently, scheduling only qualified appointments for the sales team to close.

4. Trade Show Lead Qualification
When you spend big bucks at a trade show, make certain your mining activity strikes gold. Qualify the leads gathered from trade shows quickly. Maximize the time spent networking and promoting your brand and name. Segment hot leads from lukewarm to cold leads immediately and prioritize quickly. Can you handle the inbound volume efficiently? If not, get help.

5. Lead Management
Make certain your organization has a powerful CRM (customer relationship management) system in place. Best if it’s web-based so it can be accessed from anywhere. Leads can be organized, searched, and located based on any number of criteria (location, company, position in company, lead source, revenue, email, etc). Leads should be easily shared or privatized based on specific requirements. Reporting dashboards visible to senior management are critical to your success.

6. Branding and Marketing
These functions require and must involve executive leadership, branding visionaries, strategic public relations, interactive marketing, market research, advertising, collateral design, copy writing, and other marketing activities. Assembling a powerful suite of automated marketing tools used specifically to enhance the efforts of your inside sales teams can be a daunting task initially. This is where outsourcing work to websites like can be quite fruitful. These systems are proven to increase lead qualification, drive sales, provide managers with analytics, and increase customer satisfaction.

7. Grassroots and Social Media
Make certain someone in your organization is focused on your brand image through the use of social media. It takes a knowledge of sales with social media to produce a relevant, compelling creative campaign that not only engages audiences, but achieves all the marketing objectives. Whether it is Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or whichever social media tool or combination thereof, make certain you have included expertise in message development, conceptualization, visual thinking, copy writing, art direction and graphic design.

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