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There’s an art to building an effective lead list. Most of the data available is inaccurate and outdated, because keeping up to date on current data is costly and time consuming. Our targeted lead generation services aggregate records from multiple sources and then we apply our own custom cleansing process to generate accurate lead lists. You know who your target customer is, we have the resources to find them.

Our hyper targeted lead lists are vetted by experts so you know these leads are primed to hear your message and are interested in products or services like yours. Targeted leads reduce the amount of time your sales team needs to spend qualifying leads, increases your conversion rates, and improves your bottom line.

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You could invest a lot of money into developing internal systems, software, subscriptions, or minimum purchases and then invest more money into training your employees to use these resources. Or, you could leverage our technology and processes which allows you to focus on your core competencies while we nurture your lead funnel. Our process and data expertise are powerful tools working for you.

The technology and processes we use ensure that the lead list information you’re relying on is accurate. Improving the quality of your leads and increasing your lead flow increases your cash flow potential and improves the efficiency of your sales funnels.



Utilizing our lead list data in combination with our targeted lead generation services provides you added benefits. As we work on your campaign, prospect lead statuses are continuously updated. Once exhausted, this targeted lead list is a valuable asset that your organization can use for future remarketing campaigns, and it’s yours to keep.

We provide access to exclusive contact databases for multiple industries that help you build a prospective client list. Our consultative approach helps us customize a solution that fits your needs and we will help you identify, contact, and market to potential customers.

Our account data helps you segment your lists to a defined set of parameters so you can effectively target and test your messaging. We help you analyze the data sets we receive back from each campaign so you can further refine your message. By concentrating your efforts on a specific type of targeted customer, you can launch a personalized and targeted campaign to your audience. Once you have a deep understanding of your customer’s journey utilizing the data we gather from each campaign, you can use their buyer behavior to convert more sales.



First, we collaborate with you to drill down on your exact target audience and we analyze who your ideal client is based upon your past successes. Then, we use a combination of proprietary software and our expertise to create a hyper targeted initial list which we then test. If you provide us with the initial data, we utilize our software to clean your list and enhance it.

No more cold calls. No more prospecting. Just increased conversion rates, proven strategy, and targeted messaging that increases your ROI.


Are Hyper-Target Lead Lists Worth The Money?

Perhaps you’ve been burned by lead lists that were simply databases gleaned from an old phone book. Data quality was poor and your results were dismal. Outsourcing your lead generation to a company who claims to have hyper-targeted lead lists may seem like a risky business decision and you may be asking if it’s worth the money.

Hyper-targeted lead lists are worth the money so long as the data is fresh and valid and it is combined with a selective targeted campaign that has stringent requirements.

You don’t want a list with generic contact information. A good hyper-targeted lead list draws from several data sources and provides nuanced demographic data, up-to-date contact information, and is double-verified.

A reputable lead generation company will regularly clean their lists and eliminate bad contacts. They will have a process and the technology resources to keep their data current.

How Much Do Hyper-Targeted Lead Lists Cost?

You will get the most value from your hyper-targeted lead list if you combine it with our lead generation services. Each campaign varies by size and scale, so you will want to consult with a sales representative to outline your needs. Once your needs assessment has been completed, you’ll receive a quote.

One of the major benefits of purchasing a hyper-targeted leads list through Launch Leads along with our lead generation services, is that the lead list we generate belongs to you indefinitely. You can use the list again for remarketing campaigns or to market similar products or services.

We offer two pricing models:

  • Monthly retainer
  • Pay for performance

Contact one of our sales representatives to learn what services and model best fits your needs.

Why Is It Important To Clean Your Data?

Contact information and demographic data is known as dynamic data because it changes frequently. A hyper-targeted lead list full of valid double-verified email addresses and phone numbers could decay as much as 50% in six months.

What does this mean?

Data decay is when the data is no longer valid. People change their email addresses, lose their phones, update their contact information, and change their buying behaviors based upon changes to their demographics. For example, a formerly single woman may get married or have a child and her buying patterns and service needs changes as a result.

This is why it is so important to hire a lead generation company that double-validates their data in real time and utilizes up-to-date technology to cleanse their lists.

With clean data, you may be able to identify trigger points that will give you information on when to contact someone – during a job change, marital status change, debt or financial changes, large purchases, etc. Once you have certain data on trigger points, you can tailor your marketing strategy even further and refine your lists.

What About CAN-SPAM Laws?

One of the biggest drawbacks to purchasing lead lists is the potential to run afoul of CAN-SPAM. CAN-SPAM laws regulate the sending of emails and you must be careful to abide by their rules or you may face some serious fines.

We develop inbound marketing techniques to help you build your lead list. If you have a lead list, we help you clean your data, eliminate people who have asked to opt out of your mailings, delete duplicate entries, and provide guidance on how to structure your outreach efforts to avoid infractions.

How Do I Hire A Lead Generation Service To Build My Hyper-Targeted Email List?

Some of the main questions you should ask a lead generation company before hiring them to build your list revolve around their methodologies. You should find a company that employs multiple methodologies to attract and qualify your leads.

Inbound marketing techniques that help you build your list are critical. You don’t want to hire a lead generation service that uses old data or that will cause you to violate CAN-SPAM laws.

Here are a few features you should find in a quality, professional lead generation service:

  • Positive reputation and reviews
  • Technological resources
  • Experienced staff
  • Established process
  • Contact lists within various industries
  • Transparency with data reporting and billing practices

Once you’ve vetted out the company you wish to hire, contact a sales representative to consult with them on their practices. You will need a cost estimate, a general idea of your target audience, information about your product or service, data on where you’ve had successful sales, and tactics that have not worked well for you.

Together, you will establish the scope and strategy of your campaign. Once your hyper-targeted lead list is built, it should belong with you indefinitely. However, you should not expect to use that lead list for longer than six months due to data decay. It’s best to continue your relationship with the lead generation service so they can use their proprietary technologies to cleanse and update your lists regularly.

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