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No one likes to talk to an unqualified lead. It’s a waste of time and money and it can kill morale. Launch Lead’s expert team produces qualified sales leads for your team. Now your team can focus on interested decision makers and closing the sale.

Our database and proprietary software, combined with our expertise helps you generate a list of the right target buyers. We help expand your lead volume while giving you vetted leads that convert faster with a shorter runway.



Our team responds to each web-generated lead in real time. Initially, we qualify the lead with a process designed to determine whether the lead has monetary potential or fits other parameters set by you. If the lead meets your criteria, Launch Leads will either schedule a qualified sales appointment for your team or send a live transfer straight to your sales professional.

Engage your qualified sales leads when their interest, focus, and availability are at their peak with Launch Leads. Nearly 93% of all purchase decisions begin with an online search however, not everyone is there to buy right away. Most leads take a long time to convert but having a lead qualification strategy increases the lead to customer conversion ratio.



Outbound lead generation tactics include advertising, cold emailing, cold calling, and more. The average reach rate for a cold call campaign is 15%, of which the qualification rate is only 30%. And of those, the conversion rate is only 50%.

Since our lead generation process and technology targets and engages the right buyers, we have a high success rate with cold calls and other outreach measures. Once we have a potential buyer on the phone, our job doesn’t end. We consider it our responsibility to make sure we drive through to the final decision-maker, qualify that lead, and then make an appointment.

The final decision-maker is rarely the person who answers a cold outreach. Our first objective then, on any cold outreach, is to work through the gatekeeper to get the decision-maker interested in your product or service. Once interest has been generated, our team will qualify the prospect and schedule a sales call for you with the decision-maker.



Once we analyze and understand your buyer’s journey, we develop a strategy for the overall campaign. Then we create two test sales scripts and develop our qualifying questions to determine the validity of the lead. Next, we train our agent on client-provided materials, demos, or on the test scripts and we role play. Finally, we implement the test-dial phase and analyze the performance. Once our outreach strategy is perfected, we go live.

Our campaigns are extensively monitored for effectiveness and we review periodically to analyze the performance of the campaign and of our agents.

In-house sales teams who do cold calling say that more than 70% of their time is spent cold-calling with very few results. With our lead generation and qualification services, your team can now spend 70% of their time processing and developing leads that have already been qualified and are more likely to buy.


Why Is Lead Qualification Important?

Junk leads waste time and money. Your sales representatives increase the bottom line by converting quality leads, but if they are spending their time on prospects that are unlikely to buy, they are not working efficiently.

Lead qualification sifts out people who may not be in the right industry or area, those who won’t benefit from your product or service, and those who can’t afford you.

Lead qualification takes your assessment criteria and filters out the good from the bad. When you hire a lead qualification service, your conversion rates will increase and that will increase the motivation and morale of your sales team.

Lead qualification helps you grow your business faster, by reducing the amount of time spent on lead generation and shortens the window to close.

What Is Lead Qualification?

Lead qualification is the process by which you determine the potential of a prospect. If your prospect fits certain criteria such as income level, interest, need for the product, or their past buying behavior indicates they are someone who patronizes your types of products or services, they become a qualified lead.

Lead qualification is not the same thing as lead generation. Lead generation helps companies in various industries increase consumer interest in their products and services. Lead qualification takes those leads and goes a step further in assessing those who showed interest to determine their likelihood to convert.

This process is considered “top-of-funnel” marketing activity.

As your marketing team drives leads into your pipeline, the next step is to qualify that lead and turn them into a “prospect.” Your sales teams have a higher percentage of closings with qualified leads than they do with cold leads.

Lead qualification is the development of the criteria based upon your past successes and demographic research and behavior and then applying that criteria to your contact list.

Often, leads are graded from 1-4 or A-D, based upon their quality. ‘A’ leads are “hot” leads that are ready to buy from you right now. ‘B’ leads may not be ready to buy immediately, but will be in the near future and are likely to buy a product or service from a company like yours. “C” leads show some interest, don’t have a timeline to buy, and are not sure where they will purchase. “D” leads are learning more about the product or service and may be in the information gathering stage. They are not sure whether they are going to buy or not, but if they do, you want them to think of you. These leads should be developed and nurtured into a higher grade.

Once you have gathered data on your leads, you will begin to notice certain trends which will help you further refine your lead qualification process and your marketing strategies.

What Do Lead Qualification Services Do?

Lead qualification services drive leads and build your brand awareness by prospecting lead lists and assigning team members to do the initial qualifying of leads before sending them to your sales teams.

A professional lead qualifying service understands how to grade leads and develop the criteria to assess a lead. Many lead qualification services test their process. If the conversion rates are not hitting the goals that have been set, they will refine their questions, cleanse their lists, and better classify the leads.

Lead qualification services are cost-effective because they can qualify large volumes of leads and turn over only the most promising leads to your internal sales team to close the deal.

A lead qualification service will also remarket to dead leads or perform lead nurturing services for leads that showed some interest. This follow-up is important and is one activity that many companies neglect.

How Much Does Lead Qualification Services Cost?

Lead qualification services vary by the project. Your lead qualification needs may differ from one project to the next. You may need extensive script writing services and training. You may already have a list and a script.

At Launch Leads, we will provide a quote once we have thoroughly assessed your needs and project. Furthermore, we will be transparent in how that money is being spent and used to develop and qualify your leads. Our reporting system helps you see the data and the ROI.

We offer two pricing model structures:

  • Monthly retainer
  • Pay for performance

Set up a needs assessment today.

How Do I Hire A Lead Qualification Service?

Do your homework before hiring a lead qualification service. Not all services are created equal. Some services simply cold call potential prospects and call those a lead. A professional lead qualification service will employ multiple methodologies to attract and qualify leads. And they will walk you through their process step-by-step.

When assessing a lead qualification service, look for the following:

  • Positive reputation and reviews
  • Technological resources
  • Experienced staff
  • Established process
  • Contact lists within various industries
  • Transparency with data reporting and billing practices

Next, contact a sales representative to schedule a needs assessment. During this initial consultation, you will receive a cost estimate, determine your target audience, and establish the scope of your campaign.

During your initial consultation, it’s important to find out the answers to crucial questions. Learn whether the company has a history of operating in your industry, find out what their process is, how they train their agents, and whether they will monitor and adjust their campaigns based upon their performance. Set expectations on communication schedules, such as when you will receive status updates and performance reports.

Once you have settled upon a lead qualification service, read every detail of the contract before signing. Understand the expectations that are outlined and then provide the information the company needs to move forward.

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