Inbound Lead Response

Launch Responds to Your Web Leads within 5 minutes

We specialize in outbound cold calling, but we’ve also developed a core competency in handling inbound responses to your marketing efforts. Here’s what we’ve learned and what we do for you:

  • 70% of your inbound web-generated leads are unqualified, based on industry studies
  • Launch responds to each inbound lead within five minutes, and sorts the good from the bad
  • That kind of intervention is an improvement of 21 times faster than industry standards
  • We speak with inbound leads so fast, most are still on your site when we call them
  • We increase conversion rates dramatically
  • We provide reports on tracking your KPIs and trends as they are happening
  • We clear out the clutter so you only receive the qualified opportunities
  • We schedule appointments so your sales team can close more deals

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