More Qualified Sales Leads

We Open the Door to Opportunity

Our fine-tuned system of talent and technology keeps your pipeline and calendar full of qualified, targeted leads that are just waiting be converted. We accelerate the sales process by turning prospects into leads you can bank on, allowing your sales team to close more deals and grow your business at the speed you want.

We verify, qualify and tee up appointments or transfers. You close the deals.

Scheduled Sales Appointments

Time is money – the old adage goes. We get it. Let us do the heavy lifting.
Launch Leads fills your calendar with only the most targeted and qualified B2B prospects, opening the door to an unparalleled ROI.

B2B Outbound Prospecting

We are the leader in B2B Sales Leads and Qualified Appointments. Our clients know that our targeted, qualified leads produce highly valuable conversion rates. We stand by our product and partnerships so much that we have developed our Partnership Driven Model, where we know that we must make sure our leads and appointments meet your standards and unique qualifications or we will not be able to keep your business.

Performance Driven Model

Since we can remember, sales professionals have toiled away three-quarters of their time prospecting. Launch Leads allows your sales team to be all they can be and convert targeted and qualified leads into sales. We refined the process into a science with our proprietary technology and cultivated talent to produce results and unparalleled ROI. We are THE sales development company.

Targeted Lead Lists

Technology and talent go a long way, but it is the collaboration that truly makes this whole thing work. We work side-by-side with you to identify your target demographic and build the right lead lists to accelerate the growth of your sales funnel. We use internal data mining technology to produce qualified and targeted lead lists of contacts at companies you want to sell into. We believe that a solid database is the foundation of a great prospecting campaign.

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