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B2B sales isn’t an easy market. If it were, fewer companies would fail every year. Instead, most sales teams spend too much time without hitting the right targets.

You make connections every day that you hope will lead to a new sale. You talk hours upon hours about the value your company offers to its clients. You adjust methods. Then, you flood the market with outbound calls. You do all of this and cross your fingers, hoping for the best outcome. Add in the complexity of the business-to-business sales industry, and it starts to seem impossible to close a deal.

Whether you have been in the game for years or are starting a new venture, it’s about time you revise your sales approach. Doing so will maximize profits and push your company forward.

The trick is finding a method that ensures a big pay-off. What is the key to unlocking B2B sales? Here are a few tips from the team of B2B lead generation experts at Launch Leads.


5 Tips to a Successful B2B Sales Approach

Formulating a strategy based on the following approaches will allow your business to reach its goals day after day. Before you know it, your daily victories will lead to larger payouts and increase your B2B sales earnings overall.


1. Prioritize Fast Response Times

The first step to increasing your B2B sales is decreasing your response time to incoming leads. Unfortunately, getting in contact with a lead can feel like an uphill battle. The longer it takes you to get back to a lead after missing a phone call from them, the higher the likelihood that your pitch won’t stick. When you get an incoming call from a prospective customer, you should try calling them within five minutes. It would help if you even went as far as calling back within the first 30 seconds. The longer you wait, the less likely they will engage in a conversation because you are further from their mind. In fact, they could already reach out to one of your competitors by the time you call back.


2. Focus on Decision Makers

There is a reason why our lead generation team sets up appointments with top-level executives. Giving too much attention to lower-level employees will waste time and resources. Instead, working with higher-level executives will decrease your chances of getting the run-around for the next seven months. Instead, they will have the authority to push through the deal once they see the benefit.  


3. Don’t Discount Dead Leads

Many companies will throw a lead in the trash once they say no to your offer. Perhaps your business even has pools of marketing leads marked “dead.” Forget dumping these leads but throw them in the recycle bin instead. What about working on these leads by building a long-term relationship over time?

 Not only could these efforts pay-off as you learn improved sales strategies, but they can eventually transform the dead lead into a new customer. Launch Leads specializes in dead lead revival services where our sales team re-engages your exhausted prospects using multi-channel touchpoints. Eventually, these leads will get back to where they belong— your sales funnel.

Learn more about our dead lead revival services and how we can bring you qualified leads while you focus on watching the sales pile up.


4. Invest Time in Your Leads

B2B sales take time and work. Most prospective leads aren’t ready to roll the dice when you first make contact. They usually need time to make their decision. There is an art to B2B sales that involves nurturing your leads until they are ready to buy. Get to know your buyer and focus on what they need from your product. Over time, they will begin to see why your product is worthwhile.

Keep making these efforts and building your relationship with your leads. It can take time to see your hard work pay off but remember that B2B lead generation is a marathon and not a sprint.


5. Work with an Appointment-Setter

If you are ready to start reaping the rewards of your work, a B2B appointment-setting company can lead the way. Businesses looking to grow will find greater success with the services provided by lead generation companies like Launch Leads.

Lead generation service providers have targeted services proven to increase sales and push businesses towards their business goals. Not only does our B2B sales strategy include the tactics above, but other targeted approaches backed by the latest research. 

Let our team take yours to greater heights. Receive a free needs assessment today. Not only will our appointment-setting services increase your sales leads, but they can help other areas of your business flourish, as well.


Learn more at Launch Leads.


Post by Scott Smith 

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