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What do Sales and Dating Have in Common?

By September 28, 2011October 12th, 2022No Comments

Being in Sales is Much Like Dating

By Anthony Padilla, Executive Relations at Launch Leads

  • The Hunt

Not every company or consumer you come across is going to need or want your services. It is your duty to build your value to the prospect. Just as showing your attributes to a potential companion. You must be your best and represent your company to gain the respect and business of your prospects. By Anthony Padilla, Executive Relations at Launch Leads

  • ┬áCourting

Once you have gained the trust and made a deal the prospect then becomes the client. You must then provide the utmost integrity of yourself and your company. You have now established a relationship and must take care of your client. All needs and wants are upon you to fulfill. This is still a very early stage in the sales process and could lose a deal quickly if you are not attentive to their needs. A rule to live by is to provide exchange in abundance. If you are the company always exceeding your clients expectations, you will achieve client retention.

  • The Fight

In any relationship there will be times that you will not see eye to eye. It is your duty to be the one that is validating their concerns, issues, and problems. To listen to their needs and to provide resolution and create solutions.

  • Nurturing the Client

This is the point where you make sure that everything is above satisfactory for them and that all needs are being taken care of. To provide any other services (which is beneficial to your company, but also shows that you care, by informing them of any new services or advantages).

  • The Friends and Family

Just like in a relationship once you have gained complete trust, you will meet the friends and family. Just as when you have been good to your client and treated them well, you will automatically receive extra business by way of referrals.
Just by treating your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend with these simple guidelines you will have a long and healthy relationship. Just as practicing these skills of customer service you will increase your daily sales goals and retain a great relationship with your customers.

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