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All of us have been there before. You are enjoying your day relaxing on the couch when the phone starts ringing. You answer it thinking it could be someone you know wanting to catch up only do hear, “May I speak to…” You realize it’s a telemarketer, only frustrating you more than you were before.

The dreaded telemarketing phone call is despised by most of us. A quick Google search will pull up hundreds of articles full of ways you can shut down telemarketers. But, how can businesses get around the personal telemarketer phone calls without losing business? In this article, we will discuss what challenges data consulting companies face and how they can increase their chances of success using proven lead generation strategies.


Lead Generation and Data Consulting 

Finding the right clients for your products is easier said than done. Most data consulting businesses need hard-proven data before they move forward in the buying process. These prospective customers need the why, how, and when answered long before they consider working with you. But before you can even have this necessary conversation, you must build awareness.

Lead generation provides your customers with the required context and will help take your business from unawareness to awareness through a streamlined process. Studies also suggest that companies which have customer service training with virtual reality land more deals with customers than those which do not. Unfortunately, lead generation involves a lot more than merely pulling together a sales team. Let’s discuss the basics.


What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of educating prospective clients about the value that your service/product will add to their organization. Lead generation strategies involve ways of attracting prospective clients and guiding them through the sales pipeline. Not all leads are equal—some are better than others. Just the same, lead generation strategies are also created differently.

Collecting a lead should include a multi-faceted approach. Launch Leads uses a variety of resources to increase sales and scale faster. A few of these lead generation approaches include: Lead Qualification

  • Appointment Setting
  • Rapid Inbound Lead Response
  • Hyper-Targeted Lead Lists
  • Dead Lead Revival
  • Lead Nurturing

How is Lead Generation Different in the Data Consulting Industry?

Like any business, lead generation requires all of the basics. However, most decision-makers in the data and science industry require proven strategies. Typical data/science customers need businesses to present a low amount of risk to purchase. If your leads aren’t sure that your product or service can perform or is too expensive, they’ll view the purchase as high-risk.

Fortunately, since your company has built a reputation for its data analysis and abilities, proving your worth shouldn’t be too difficult. It is getting the door that you should worry about first.

Data Consulting Lead Generation Tips

Now that we better understand lead generation let’s discuss the ways your data consulting business can optimize the process.

  •    Build Trust

Perhaps one of the best ways you can prove your worth to prospective clients is by building trust. Stay transparent and work together. Allow your business to shine by doing what you do best—your job. By working with a lead generation expert, you can show off your work without taking time away from your day-to-day work. The Launch Leads team has the bandwidth and experience to increase your sales and bottom line.

Businesses that use other call centers to reach out to their leads can sometimes hinder conveying your expertise in the appropriate light. Fortunately, the Launch Leads process uses proven methodology to show off the best parts of your business. Our system also provides you with additional opportunities by keeping you top-of-mind. By building a bond of trust with prospective customers, you can funnel them through the pipeline faster and more efficiently.

  •    Minimize Risk

Asking a prospect to make a purchase is a massive step for them. You need to prove that partnering with your business is a low-risk decision. Lead generation for data consultants and science services is a meticulous business. Many science customers need hard-proven data to move forward in the buying process. For that reason, finding high-quality leads can be difficult. However, our lead generation experience reaches far into the data and science industry. To improve your conversions, you must drive prospects to purchase using a series of tactics that help minimize risk.

A few examples may include:

      • Big Data Analytics
      • Research and Market Analysis
      • Financial Analysis
      • Identifying Key Markets
      • Lead Nurturing
      • Operations Planning
      • Real-Time Personalization
      • Customer Management
      • Client Profiling
      • Best Lead Generating Practices
  •    Provide Value

Another way you can prove your worth to clients is through an act digital marketers use, “pre-suasion.” This entails persuading or marketing to your client base before you even give them your pitch. Pre-suasion involves getting your name out there. Your lead generation process should target clients using retargeting campaigns. For example, Launch Leads uses our lead nurturing solutions to convince your prospects before you even talk to them.

Launch sends targeted content through proven methods to ensure your company stays “top of mind” throughout the business day. Plus, none of your hard work will end up in the SPAM folder, since they’ve opted-in for our future communication. This lead nurturing tactic ensures that they’ll remember your company when we call back. The dialogue supports your company’s product or service and includes industry-specific information in which they’d be interested.

  •    Use Data to Support Your Claims

You know your business. You should know what lead generation strategies match your business best. Fortunately, Launch Leads to understand you and your customer further. Together, we develop a unique messaging and proven system to get your name out there. Unlike some lead generation companies that stick to their same ways no matter the industry, we aren’t doing the same thing over and over, especially for B2B lead generation.

We might not know your business better than you, but we know business development. Let us mold the two together for an optimized sales strategy. Using your business data and our lead generation data, we can back up all of your claims and get the right people to your front door.

  •    Collaborate with an Expert

Leading businesses are looking for data consultants that can help them better their business. However, most of these companies don’t know where to go. Working with a lead generation company that has experience across multiple platforms will help put you lightyears ahead of the competition. Not only do they understand your market, but they know what strategies work.

Launch Leads has years of experience working in the data consulting and science industries. Through our work in the field, we have developed a lead generation process that works. Data consulting is in high-demand, but if you hope to keep your company in the running, you need a lead generation expert. But, Launch Leads, isn’t just any lead generation service. We consider ourselves a partner.

We use a 2-4 week implementation period, getting to know your business. We narrow down your messaging and try to understand your goals and processes. From there, we find the opportunities that work best for you. We also continually work together through bi-weekly calls and appointment feedback. This collaborative work keeps us honest and on our toes. We will push ourselves so you can have the success you need to move forward.

Let Launch Leads lead your data consulting lead generation strategy. Contact us today to learn more.








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