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SaaS lead generation involves more than simply rounding up leads for your sales department. If you expect to go into the market blindly, chances are you will run out of leads before the year runs out. This is mostly due to the transformed information and transaction process. Today, most customers spend more time researching your business online before they even contact you. While this allows you to find informed clients, it also means you need a more developed lead generation strategy than ever before.

The SaaS industry is one of these markets that need more than a one-size-fits-all lead generation process.

Software as a Service, also known as SaaS, is an in-demand market that the majority of organizations use. Actually, experts predict that the market will reach $76 billion by 2020. While many businesses need SaaS applications to survive, the market is becoming saturated fast. In short, SaaS businesses need leads if they hope to find long-term success.

Here are a few things that a SaaS business should consider when developing a winning lead generation process.

Work with an Expert

Leading tech companies worldwide are searching for SaaS apps that match their needs. However, they don’t know where to go. Working with a lead generation company that has experience across multiple platforms will put you lightyears ahead of the competition. Not only do they understand the market, but they know what strategies work.

Launch Leads has worked throughout the past ten years, developing their lead generation process. While the SaaS industry is similar to others, it requires a trained eye to get the ball rolling in the right direction. What sets us apart is our speech and production. We know the data, we know what leaders to focus our efforts on, and we have the do’s and don’t’s.

While every client is different, Launch Leads knows what works. We work with you from the beginning setting the stage for your business’s success. Typically, we have an implementation period that lasts 2-4 weeks that allows us to understand your growth opportunities. Together, we set the tone and messaging. Then, our team takes the reigns fine-tuning as we go.

Know Your Client

One of the first things you should develop is a clear idea of your ideal client. Who should you target? What leads are you going after? After you figure out what type of client you want, you can tailor your messaging and services to fit the client. Fortunately, most SaaS companies can use its own data to back up their clientele decisions. You can use this information to find customers that best suit your products. You can also figure out the reason behind this. Finding your why will significantly benefit your messaging strategy, especially as you reach out to prospective clients.

Since you are the expert in your market, you will understand what works best on your side of the fence. Then, as you team up with a lead generation expert, you can get the full view. Together, you will see what works for who and how to hand-deliver them what they need. Launch Leads also provides you with additional data that can significantly appreciate over time. This outcome data can help you adapt to your circumstances and become as effective as possible in your sales efforts.

Get Your Messaging Right

Along with determining your ideal client, you should also get the right message across. Don’t overcomplicate your message, simplify it to its core, and spread the news as far as you can. Every business has a different message. You can even be in the same industry and have a completely different view. That is why you should have a pre-determined message before reaching out to prospective clients.

A narrowed focus on your message will transform the way your client views your services. Using this messaging, Launch Leads will help pull-in targeted leads, work them into the pipeline, and pitch them. Once we pitch them using your preferred messaging, they are more likely to agree to an appointment. Then, you can take it from there by closing the deal with a clear messaging system leading your way.

Make Informed Decisions

Most sales departments have big aspirations that seem achievable. Unfortunately, without the data to back up their decisions, those goals will remain unmet. One way Launch leads does lead generation differently is by being informed. Our team continually uses data to verify trends, fine-tune our efforts, and change the focus. Fine-tuning our process will help us provide you with the best results.

If you choose to move forward doing your best to assume what is best for your business without any data backing you up, you risk wasting time and resources. For example, our team understands what decision-makers to target. We also know the best times for reaching out to these business leaders. Every step we take, we make sure it fits the overall strategy. Without this strategy, you would be running in circles, not making any headway.

Stress the Importance of Appointment-Setting 

Appointments are king in the SaaS market. But the road to a meeting is challenging. Through a multi-channel approach, your software company can grow its sales by connecting with prospective customers faster and more efficiently. Using a range of services and tools, our team of lead generation specialists target business leaders and pique their interest in your company. From our experience in the SaaS industry, we understand what is needed to get you to that all-important appointment. But, don’t worry, we make sure that whichever meetings we set are worth your time. From there, you take over closing the deal and increasing your business’s sales.

Let Launch Leads get your SaaS business going. Contact us today to learn more about our leading lead generation strategies.


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