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Launch Leads helps local businesses thrive in sluggish economy

By November 17, 2011January 12th, 2021No Comments

Launch Leads helps local businesses thrive in sluggish economy

SALT LAKE CITY — November 17, 2011 — In a down economy, financial success and profitability just seem like wishful thinking. However, Launch Leads is proof that no matter the state of the economy, growth and success are possible.

When many businesses were languishing in the depths of recession a couple of years ago, Brandt Page, CEO and founder of Launch Leads, rolled up his sleeves and created a company that gets other companies the pipeline they want, with minimal risk.

By listening carefully to their clients, Launch learned that their clients have great confidence in their ability to produce targeted qualified leads and as a result, Launch recently signed several new clients and they continue to see consistent growth.

“We provide our customers with targeted qualified leads that they convert into new paying customers,” Page said. “Now that our clients are focused on closing more and more sales, their conversion rates are through the roof.”

A few of the new clients Launch recently signed include: Lunsford Peck, ListPipe and Integrated Ordering Systems (IOS).

Lunsford Peck is a tax, accounting, and financial advisory firm for medical practitioners who help reduce audit risk and tax liabilities. They decided to use Launch after a personal tour of the facilities where they really loved the feeling and energy in the atmosphere.

“They have a very professional approach to getting in contact with the types of clients I’m looking for,” said John Briggs, Lunsford Peck Partner.

The biggest thing that drew Briggs to use Launch was the ability to contact hard to reach individuals.

“We can create tremendous value for dentists, doctors, surgeons, etc., but those professionals are so hard to get a hold of,” said John Briggs, Partner. “Launch leads can do that for me and all I have to do is focus on creating value not finding leads.”

ListPipe is an online content delivery platform for distributed localization of web-based media including search engine optimized (SEO) content for franchises and distributed sales organizations.

Cary Snowden, CEO of ListPipe, said there were two things that attracted him to Launch. The first was Launch’s leadership, in particular the CEO Brandt Page.

“Brandt instills his charisma, charm and professional aptitude into his team, making them a great extension of our own,” he observed.

The next thing to catch Snowden’s attention were the impressive client testimonials.

“Launch Leads is the kind of business I want to be associated with, and thus I don’t mind them representing my business to our customer base, and I don’t just trust that to anyone,” Snowden said.

Integrated Ordering Systems (IOS) is revolutionizing the way restaurants handle their take-out ordering system. IOS takes a restaurant’s high volume of phone-in orders and gets those orders to the kitchen within seconds while ensuring each call-in customer gets the attention and service they deserve without being placed on hold and without ever hearing a busy signal.

Joshua Stephens, CEO of IOS explained that they decided to use Launch Leads after meeting with the Launch team and seeing how Launch aligns its sales process with theirs.

“We were particularly impressed with the system of how Launch was doing things,” he said. “Systematically they are able to help us filter our leads and ask the right qualifying questions in order to  connect us to the correct person. This way we can be more efficient and not waste our time talking to unqualified leads.”

Stephens explained that Launch does the heavy lifting on the front end of the sales process, so that their sales team can spend 100% of their time closing new business with qualified decision makers.

“In the last six months our company has doubled in size servicing more than 120 concepts nationwide,” he said. “However, we want to take things to the next level and Launch can give us that added push to take us there faster.”

Lunsford Peck, ListPipe and IOS are all doing very well in their respective markets and are seeing exciting growth with what they are currently doing. However, they want to continue to grow and know there is much more they can do, and Launch Leads is the vehicle that will help them do it.

“With Launch Leads on our side we are ready to step on the accelerator and grow into new markets at a much faster rate,” Snowden said.


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