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SaaS Academy: 6 Ways to Use Data and Process to Get Better Sales Results

By May 29, 2019December 8th, 2021No Comments

It’s a simple formula: better processes + leveraging available data = better sales results. But where is the roadmap to get there? CEO, Scott Smith recently sat down with SaaS Academy, an educational podcast dedicated to the art and science of SaaS development which also has formerly made many episodes on educational programs like clep prep. In the episode, Scott discusses the ways Launch Leads focuses on bettering the lead generation process and leveraging data to get better sales results.

Listen to the podcast directly for a look at the six ways our business uses SaaS to improve lead generation prospects for our clients or read on for an in-depth review.

How SaaS Data Improves Your Sales Efforts

Understand Your Business

Using the data you collect from SaaS data, you can deepen your understanding of your business. The age-old adage, “Know thyself” is an essential component of any business strategy. As you begin to increase your sales efforts, make sure that you develop a complete understanding of your business. To reach your ideal clientele, you need to know what problems your product solves and how you can benefit your prospective clients. Having this knowledge fully developed will allow you to reach an audience that once seemed unattainable.

Narrow Your Sales Focus

Data is best used during a client review. Look at your client list. Who is the most profitable? Who do you want more of? Companies are typically raising a lot of capital and have a great product. But there’s a lack of understanding on your ideal buyer. Ask yourself, “Who should we be targeting?”

If you take a good hard look at the data, you can develop an understanding of which clients benefit your business the most. By combining your knowledge of your business with the type of clients that have worked for you in the past you can find a common thread of clientele that will help your company scale faster and more efficiently.

Along with looking at your vertical clientele, your data can also give you a glimpse at which emerging markets you should try reaching. You should also consider market awareness. How does your product resonate with the market? Is it saturated? What geographies do you want to hit? What targeting revenue or employee parameters should set? By answering these questions, you can develop a better sales strategy.

Test and Re-test the Data

Once you have data backing your sales efforts, it’s time you start testing. The best way to know where to go next is through experimenting. Look at your outreach strategy. Consider the ways you initially contact your prospective clients. Do you have a cold call strategy? Do you email before you call? How many times a week do you reach out? How can you modify this contact strategy to better fit your clientele? Look at every detail of your outreach strategy and analyze it thoroughly.

Know How to Handle Rejection

Most prospective clients need time. Scott says that it is highly likely that prospects will probably object your offer multiple times before moving forward. However, it’s crucial that you remember most objections are actually smoke screens. Since this is usually the case, you can use data to handle the initial rejection.

At Launch Leads, we already know the top 6 objections are going to be before contacting the prospective client. Since we have answers to each complaint, we are better equipped to redirect the situation in the instance the prospect objects. Then we can move forward together having answered their objections early-on in the sale process.

Increase Your Chances of Success

LinkedIn is a great networking tool, but it’s important not to lose the human-to-human element of prospecting. Use data-aggregators as your jumping-off point. Then you can scrub and append it for better contact information.

The biggest key to prospecting is contact rate. Try and get quality touches every day. A recent study by Quora found that the average contact rate cold call is 15%, but the conversion rate is 1-2%. Essentially, prospecting is a numbers game, and you can use the method that works for you.

Back Your Employee’s Efforts

The happiness of your workforce and a company’s revenue potential go hand-in-hand. Very few people believe this is the case, but as we have worked with companies, we quickly understood that the happier your employees are the greater success your business has. Our process gives you the best chance at both.

Working with a lead generation company that uses data to back up its strategies and techniques will prove it’s worth from the moment you sign on, we even offer the best nosql databases solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our customized data solutions.

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