Immediately Respond to Web Leads

Why respond immediately to inbound leads?

Launch Leads is your inbound and outbound sales solution.

What if your sales team could be more productive, generate more revenue, and talk to only qualified and interested prospects? Well, then you are likely doing business with Launch Leads because that is exactly what we provide for you. Through our superior technology and team of experts, we increase your company’s opportunity to generate more revenue and fill your pipeline by scheduling qualified sales appointments for you.

Most sales teams invest 60-80% of their time prospecting and generating leads. We give you that time back, making it possible for your sales team to spend 100% of their time closing deals. We have honed our craft into a science and have increased response time and qualification by 21 times for superior service and high ROI.

Our out-bound service has proven unparalleled conversion rates and our in-bound service follows up with web leads within 5 minutes.

Once we’ve worked with your team to target your ideal demographic and set a qualification criteria, then we are on our way filling your pipeline with only qualified decision makers. As you can see, we do more than just pick up the phone and schedule appointments; we are an integral part of your sales team and a long-term partnership for your success as a growing business.

If you do not succeed, we do not succeed. And, that just isn’t part of our plan. So, we invite you to try our performance driven pilot program, where we’ll fill your pipeline with qualified sales opportunities just waiting to be converted.

Launch Leads. Opportunity. Accelerated.

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