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The Power Of Positive Expectancy

By November 16, 2011April 13th, 2022No Comments

The Power Of Positive Expectancy

Written by: Nick Rowe, Sales Director at Launch Leads

“People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, make them.”
~ George Bernard Shaw

I have learned that in life, having an attitude of positive expectancy greatly affects the outcome of where you currently are and where you hope to be.

What is positive expectancy and how does it differ from simply having a positive attitude?
Being merely positive is looking at a given set of circumstances and finding the good in the situations you are placed. Being positive can help one cope through challenges and can improve the quality of life. Positive expectancy however, taps into a different kind of power. It takes a positive attitude to the next level. Positive expectancy is the idea of expecting the results that you want in life and believing that you will receive them. I believe that each of us in business or sales can greatly enhance our work experience as we incorporate positive expectancy into our lives.

Start Out Right
In a call center setting, attitudes and moods can shift and change constantly. If others are having a bad day we can feel the tension and anxiety in the room. Oftentimes, we are the ones that are giving this vibe. We can shift negative thoughts and feelings when we recognize that they are going to affect our overall productivity. Starting a day on the phone with positive expectancy means that when we make a dial we are expecting the recipient to be interested and responsive. We assume that the recipient is expecting our call and wants our offering. It goes as far as knowing that the sale was closed before it began.

Take Acton!
One key element of positive expectancy is that it takes action! Many are probably reading this saying, “this guy is just talking about the law of attraction in a different way.” This is where the fallacy lies. There are those who believe that you can receive through mere thought without taking positive actions in the right direction. As a caller we must prepare and use the tools that we have been given. This means preparing not only mentally but physically. If there are tools given that are meant to increase efficiency, such as a script or qualifying questions, we must have these at our helm. We must understand that they are meant to aid our efforts, and being familiar with them will always help us achieve our goals. We also need to enter each phone call confidently and treat each of these calls individually.

Don’t Get Discouraged
What happens when we have utilized positive expectancy and the recipient does not accept the offering? This does not mean that you have failed or positive expectancy did not work. Remember, we are building our pipeline and we may have fostered an interest that will later bloom. Focusing on past results makes it very difficult to move forward. We must be present in each phone call we make and, as previously mentioned, treat it individually. If I am calling and have the phone hung up on me, it is no doubt discouraging. It can be deflating and affect the next call. My tone of voice may change and I may slouch in my chair. However, these negative responses will set you up for failure. Body language can often be heard audibly. Letting a past call get the best of you destroys positive expectancy. When the desired outcome does not happen, reset and retry. Sometimes, getting back into the appropriate mindset or resetting may mean taking a short break.

Reap the Rewards
To reap the benefits of positive expectancy Orlando addiction centers and drug, detox, alcohol rehab says we must change our thought process. Those who have been employed you have been given you that opportunity for a reason. There are values that others see that you may not see in yourself. Know that you are not just another able body willing to make a sales call. Have the confidence to know that you can excel at your position. Enter each day with this same confidence knowing that the day will be good and that others will respond favorably. Much of where we want to be in life is where we view ourselves today. Be glad you are you and let this new-found attitude work in your life. Unfavorable circumstances can drastically change when the negative is not allowed to overshadow the good.

Take action today and let positive expectancy be a force that is fostered and embraced.

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